Know About Meyers Leonard’s Wife As He Seeks Return To NBA

Meyers Leonard, a former NBA player selected in the first round of the draft, has not been part of the league since 2021 due to the use of an antisemitic term during a video game Livestream. He has expressed to ESPN that there is no justification for his behavior and believes he will return to play in the NBA.

“I feel like I’m living in a bad dream,” Leonard told Jeremy Schaap of “Outside the Lines” in an interview that aired on Tuesday. “…I don’t have a single hateful cell in my body. And I know that I did a huge, huge mistake.”

In March 2021, Leonard was suspended for using an antisemitic term during a video game Livestream. He claimed to be unaware of its historical context. He stated that the use of inappropriate language is common in the video gaming community. The video of the incident spread quickly on social media and Leonard faced immediate criticism. It was reported that the slur was directed toward another player during the stream.

Know About Meyers Leonard's Wife As He Seeks Return To NBA

Following that racial slur in 2021, Elle Leonard, the wife of Meyers Leonard, faced a lot of backlash on social media. Now the NBA player seeks to return to NBA, his personal as well as professional life is again the subject of discussion among the people. So, here in this post, we’ll talk about his wife and more you need to know about his career.

Who Is Elle Bielfeldt, Meyers Leonard’s Wife: Know About Their Relationship

Elle Bielfeldt is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and basketball player, like her spouse. It has been reported that she was a part of the Peoria Notre Dame girls’ basketball team. Alongside her husband, she established the Meyers Leonard brand, a lifestyle and apparel brand. Additionally, she founded Level Foods, a protein bar enterprise, in 2018 due to her husband’s difficulties in sleeping and recovering from basketball training.

Meyers and Elle first met in college through an introduction from one of Meyers’ senior classmates. They quickly developed an undeniable understanding and connection. After dating for some time, Meyers proposed to Elle in 2014.

Know About Meyers Leonard's Wife As He Seeks Return To NBA

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Despite the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance relationship, the couple got married in 2015 and has been living a happy life together ever since. The couple has a son together.

They frequently share glimpses of their personal life with their followers on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Elle is particularly active on these platforms, creating content that provides a glimpse into what it’s like to be the wife of an NBA player.

More About Meyers Leonard

Meyers Leonard, who last played in the NBA in January 2021, was suspended in March 2021 for using an antisemitic slur during a live-stream video game session. In April 2021, he underwent ankle surgery, which resulted in nerve damage. Over the past two seasons, he has been recovering from shoulder and ankle surgeries while he was not playing professional basketball. With 447 NBA games under his belt, Leonard had an average of 5.6 points and 3.9 rebounds.

Know About Meyers Leonard's Wife As He Seeks Return To NBA

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He gained attention for standing while his teammates knelt during the national anthem in the Orlando bubble of the COVID-19-delayed 2019-20 season to bring attention to police brutality. In an ESPN article for Andscape, he expressed his support for the military (as his brother served in Afghanistan) and his pain over the murder of George Floyd and the shooting of Jacob Blake in 2020.

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