All About Milos Raonic Wife Camille Ringoir And Their Relationship

Milos Raonic is a professional tennis player from Canada. He reached as high as the third position in the world rankings for singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals. He accomplished this on 21 November 2016, becoming the best-ranked Canadian player ever.

In December 2020, it was shared that Raonic became part of the High Impact Athletes group. This organization is connected to a movement called effective altruism, where athletes promise to give at least 1% of their earnings to charities that have proven to be effective and supported by evidence.

When we talk about his personal life, Raonic has been in a loving relationship with Camille Ringoir, a model from Belgium. During three years, their connection became stronger, and they chose to get married to each other. In this article, we explore the love life of Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic and talk about his wife Ringoir, a model.

Getting To Know Raonic’s Relationship With His Wife

Raonic and Camille Ringoir got married in April 2020. The wedding happened at Villa Cetinale in Tuscany, Italy, with close friends and family. Camille Ringoir wore a Vera Wang dress for the occasion. They dated for three years before getting married.

All About Milos Raonic Wife Camille Ringoir And Their Relationship

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In January 2019, the couple confirmed their relationship. Camille Ringoir was spotted supporting Raonic at the International Men’s Final in Brisbane. They also attended the Met Gala Event together for the first time as a couple. Milos Raonic and Camille Ringoir got married a year ago.

They don’t have kids right now. Milos Raonic wants to be a dad later on, but he’s not in a hurry. Right now, he’s focusing a lot on his tennis career and putting his effort into reaching his goals in the game. He knows that having kids is a big deal and changes life a lot, so he’s thinking about it carefully.

Camille Ringoir: A Closer Look At Her Life

Ringoir is a model from Belgium. She appeared on the covers of magazines like Elle Czech, Elle Singapore, and Marie Claire Belgium. Camille began modeling at 13 years old and signed with the Belgian Demonstrating Organization. She is married to Raonic who is two years younger than her.

All About Milos Raonic Wife Camille Ringoir And Their Relationship

A few years back, Ringoir grabbed attention when she supported Raonic on social media after a comment from Fabio Fognini made a joke saying that Raonic had “eaten an elephant” during the lockdown. Milos Raonic’s girlfriend defended him strongly after a rival made a hurtful comment about his appearance on Instagram.

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Ringoir didn’t find it funny and responded with her own post. She included a comment and a screenshot of the score from a previous match between Raonic and Fognini. Ringoir has a good memory and reached back to 2014, the last time Fognini faced Raonic, to show him he was wrong.

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