Meet Andi Sullivan’s Husband: Drew Skundrich: Relationship Info

In the bustling world of professional soccer, where players chase their dreams on and off the field, a heartwarming love story has blossomed between two talented athletes.

Andi Maureen Sullivan, the dynamic midfielder for the Washington Spirit in the National Women’s Soccer League, found love in the arms of Drew Skundrich, a skillful midfielder for D.C. United in Major League Soccer. Their journey from being childhood friends to professional soccer stars who now share a life together in the heart of Washington D.C. is nothing short of remarkable.

A Peek Into Andi Sullivan And Drew Skundrich’s Relationship

Andi Sullivan and Drew Skundrich‘s bond dates back to their early childhood. Both were raised in the Washington D.C. area, with Andi having moved there from Hawaii at the tender age of two. Their shared love for soccer was apparent from a young age, and fate brought them together on the soccer fields of Sandford. Introduced by Skundrich’s teammates, they quickly struck up a friendship that would later blossom into something much more significant.

Meet Andi Sullivan's Husband: Drew Skundrich: Relationship Info

As they grew older, their love for soccer strengthened, and they pursued separate soccer careers, each leaving their mark in the sport. Andi Sullivan carved out an impressive career with the Washington Spirit and earned a spot on the United States women’s national team. Meanwhile, Drew Skundrich displayed his skills at Stanford University before embarking on his professional journey with various teams, including Sacramento Republic and Loudoun United.

Despite their busy schedules and commitments to their respective teams, their love endured. Andi and Drew’s relationship blossomed through college, and they eventually tied the knot in December 2019. The couple chose to cherish their roots and honor their shared passion by retaining the number 12 on their jerseys. A number that holds sentimental value, as it was the same number Drew wore during his college soccer days. The decision to share a number further cemented their connection both on and off the field.

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Know About Andi Sullivan and Drew Skundrich’s First Shared Home

For Andi Sullivan and Drew Skundrich, playing soccer in their hometown holds a special significance. Representing D.C. United and the Washington Spirit respectively, they get to showcase their talent in front of their home crowd at Audi Field, a place where their love story has truly flourished. The couple shares a unique workplace advantage as well, with both teams utilizing the same facilities, which often leads to amusing encounters at Audi Field.

Meet Andi Sullivan's Husband: Drew Skundrich: Relationship Info

The comfort of being in familiar surroundings has been an added advantage for the couple. Andi expressed her happiness about settling down with Drew in Washington D.C., their first shared home. It is a place where they can envisage a future together and create lasting memories.

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Andi and Drew’s Power of Understanding

Being married to a fellow soccer player has its perks, especially when navigating the highs and lows of a demanding sporting career. Andi and Drew understand each other’s struggles, ambitions, and triumphs like no one else can. They provide a support system for each other, both on and off the field.

Meet Andi Sullivan's Husband: Drew Skundrich: Relationship Info

During moments of triumph, the joy multiplies as they celebrate their successes together. On the other hand, during challenging times, having a partner who truly comprehends the ups and downs of the sport becomes a source of solace. They can lean on one another for emotional support and lend a listening ear to vent frustrations or anxieties.

As they embark on their life journey together, Andi Sullivan and Drew Skundrich continue to strengthen their love and passion for each other. Their shared love for soccer and the city of Washington D.C. binds them together in a remarkable way. Home is now more than just a place; it is a sanctuary of love and joy for the couple, where they can recharge and find solace in each other’s arms.

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