Mitten Squad Death: Is He Alive?

In April 2013, Paul, renowned as “Mitten Squad,” embarked on his YouTube journey, crafting a narrative of gaming excellence. Initially a pioneer in Let’s Play content, he quickly evolved into a virtuoso of gaming challenges and thorough game analyses.

His seminal foray into challenge-oriented content, exemplified by “Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas Without Attacking Anything?” in 2017, firmly established his standing as a trailblazing creator. Embraced by his audience as a Fallout: New Vegas speedrunner, he captivated viewers with his creativity and expertise.

Transitioning to another aspect of interest, a significant number of individuals are keen to learn more about Mitten Squad’s passing. In this article segment, we delve into details surrounding Mitten Squad’s death, exploring the circumstances and shedding light on the last video posted on YouTube. Additionally, we take a closer look at the journey of Mitten Squad and the lasting legacy left behind.

Mitten Squad Death: What Happened To Mitten Squad?

Wilson’s last video was published on Thursday, July 14, 2022, and has garnered over 1.2 million views to date. Throughout his journey, he occasionally provided insights into his health and battles with alcohol through updates on his social media channels. On Friday, November 24, 2023, he expressed optimism about returning to uploading content, stating, “I will upload again, eventually. Mitten Squad will return.”

Mitten Squad Death: Is He Alive?

Tragically, on Monday, December 18, Molnar Funeral Homes in Brownstown, Michigan, released an obituary for Wilson. He is survived by his mother and father, his brother, and his grandparents.

In March 2021, Paul declared his temporary departure from YouTube, citing the adverse impact of his alcohol addiction on his personal life and relationships. He shared the news through a tweet, describing the hiatus as “indefinite” and acknowledging that his drinking had spiraled out of control. In the same message, Paul expressed a sincere desire to abstain from alcohol moving forward.

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Fast forward to May of the following year, the YouTuber received a diagnosis of pancreatitis, a consequence of his prolonged struggle with addiction. Subsequently, in November, Paul found himself hospitalized once again following a relapse.

Mitten Squad: A Gaming Icon’s Unique Journey And Legacy

Mitten Squad’s journey to YouTube stardom commenced with his fervor for video games. He garnered acclaim by producing videos that featured challenge runs suggested by fans across a diverse array of games. Whether tackling Fallout: New Vegas on hard difficulty without consuming food or drink or completing Skyrim exclusively with a fork, Mitten Squad distinguished himself through his capacity to push the limits of gaming challenges.

Mitten Squad Death: Is He Alive?

What truly made Mitten Squad stand out was his unique style and content approach. His videos weren’t merely about conquering challenges; they represented a skillful fusion of clever commentary and meticulously crafted narratives.

Mitten Squad’s one-of-a-kind viewing experience arose from his chaotic-neutral persona and his inclination for executing virtual stunts using unconventional and occasionally absurd methods. His knack for entertaining and captivating his audience endeared him to the gaming community.

It is with deep sorrow that we report the passing of Mitten Squad, the cherished YouTuber celebrated for his engaging videos featuring challenging levels in various video games. Joseph Robert Wilson, known as Mitten Squad, departed at the age of 27 in Canton.

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His inimitable style, humorous commentary, and imaginative narratives endeared him to fans. Our sympathies and thoughts are with his family during this challenging period. Mitten Squad’s impact will endure through the joy he brought to countless individuals. Rest in peace, Mitten Squad.

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