Who Is Neekolul’s Boyfriend? Meet Nick Brotman!

Neekolul AKA Nicole Sanchez is a well-known person on the internet and on social media. Neekolul also streams on Twitch and is a Tik Tok star. Her video, which came out in March 2020, made her more well-known. People also know her by the name “OK Boomer Girl.”

In October 2017, she made her “neeko” Twitch account. Neekolul streams in both English and Spanish because she speaks both languages. In July 2020, she was hired by the gaming company 100 Thieves to make content for their games.

People are just as interested in his personal life as in his work life. So we’re here to quench your thirst.

Who Is Neekolul’s Boyfriend?

Neekolul is dating Nick Brotman right now. They have been together for a long time. On their own Instagram accounts, they each have a dedicated highlight for the other.

Who Is Neekolul's Boyfriend? Meet Nick Brotman!

Nick has been a talent agent for people who make content since he got his Bachelor of Arts in Digital Communications and Media/Multimedia from Rowan University in New Jersey. He then went to General Assembly to learn more about digital marketing while working part-time as a manager for a small Esports team.

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Nick Brotman went to work at Night Media soon after he graduated, even though the company didn’t really exist yet. When asked what he did as an account manager, he said, “I sat at our CEO’s desk and took care of MrBeast and PrestonPlayz’s day-to-day needs.”

Who Is Neekolul's Boyfriend? Meet Nick Brotman!

Brotman started dating Nicole “Neekolul” Sanchez in early 2019 or late 2018 before she was at the height of her popularity.

Meet Nick Brotman And Neekolul On Instagram: Know About Their Dedicated Highlights

Neekolul has an Instagram account with the handle @neekolul. There, 709K people follow her. In her bio, she said, “neekolul 🍒 🇲🇽 🤍Content Creator @100thieves 📧 [email protected] 🍒I love Food, Anime and VideoGames :3 ✨⬇️Socials Below ⬇️✨.”

Neekolul’s Instagram page is full of cute selfies and cute pictures of her wearing some of her most daring outfits to date. Some of these are a navy and white schoolgirl outfit inspired by Sailor Moon, a fluorescent pink body-con dress with a Prix logo on it, and a red bolero jacket that pays homage to a 90s fashion trend that we miss a lot.

Her Instagram stories do give us some hints about what’s going on. In one of these clips, called “N+N,” Neekolul and Nick Brotman strike a close pose.

Nick Brotman, on the other hand, is there as @nickbrotman. There are 6,162 people who follow him.

His story has the same picture as Neekolul’s story: a mirror selfie of the two of them holding each other in a romantic way. In another photo, the two of them are wearing matching navy blue football jerseys, which is a great example of the power of matching outfits.

Neekolul Assaulted Her Then Partner In 2018

Two years ago, an article appeared online that said Neekolul had beaten up her boyfriend when she was 20 years old and was arrested for it.

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The article also says that because of this, she had to go to anger management classes for 6 months.

Even so, she said she wasn’t sent to prison and that all she had to do after the incident was take 12 anger management classes.

She brought up the fact that she was in an abusive relationship and that she hit him as a reaction to months of being mistreated.

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