Nicole Walters Divorce: She Is No Longer Married To Josh Walters

Nicole Walters is the CEO and founder of Inherit Learning Company. Her company has given thousands of business owners the structure and strategy they needed to take their businesses to the next level. Nicole also runs a podcast, The Nicole Walters Podcast.

She worked for United Healthcare International in the past. There, she worked as an International Strategic Account Executive and a Business Development Executive Consultant.

Now, moving toward her personal life, it has been said that Nicole Walters and her husband Josh Walters are no longer together. Is this news really true? Continue reading the article to know everything in depth.

Is Nicole Walters Got A Divorce From Her Husband Josh Walters?

Nicole Walters and her husband Josh have already divorced. In the past, there were speculations about them splitting up, but the exes managed to get through it without any problems. Nevertheless, Nicole and Josh are not together any longer as of this point in time.

Nicole Walters Divorce: She Is No Longer Married To Josh Walters

In her podcast, Nicole mentions, “Divorce is a scary process in general, what with all the paperwork and finalization and signatures and all that, and I’m not even sure how I’m going to manage some of the things.” “I’ve been pretty careful not to talk about my marriage, especially over the years. I’ve been on the internet for 15 years now, and I’ve had a podcast for three seasons. I just never talked about my marriage, it just wasn’t something I did. And if I did, I always made a point to fix the problems in my marriage, just as I do with everything else.”

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Nicole doesn’t like to post or talk about difficult times, therefore she’s never talked freely about her divorce.

Meet Nicole Walters’ Daughter

Nicole Walters Divorce: She Is No Longer Married To Josh Walters

Daya, Krissy, and Ally are her adopted daughters. In October 2014, she and her ex-husband were out on a date when they saw a mother and her young child on the side of the road. When they heard that the family was having trouble, they offered to take care of the 14-, 11-, and 3-year-old kids.

Is Nicole Walters Dating Anyone After Her Divorce?

Nicole Walters is in a relationship with a man named Alex. She admitted in her podcast that she’s dating someone for quite some time. She said, “And I am in a partnership now of almost a year that fills my soul. I am so grateful. Not just because I didn’t know this was possible, but because in a time where you feel, particularly with divorce, where you feel so inept, y’all I feel like sometimes I feel like a total loss like how can I not get anything right?

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On October 8, Nicole took to Instagram and announced her relationship with her new beau, whose name is Alex. She posted several pictures and captioned them, “You are wanted. As you are…Imperfect, learning, growing…With your kids, with your weight, with your skin…With your income, with your debt, with your struggles…With your goals, with your dreams, with your hopes…Friend, you’ve been with me over the past 2 years as I rode the rollercoaster of heartbreak, loss, recovery, and redemption.”

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