Who Is Noah Thompson’s Girlfriend? All You Need To Know

Noah Thompson is a 20-year-old American singer who won the 20th season of American Idol. While he may be the talk of the town, his girlfriend, Angel Dixon, has been gaining attention as well. Dixon is a 21-year-old social media influencer from Kentucky, who is also the mother of Noah’s son, Walker.

Meet Noah Thompson’s Girlfriend, Angel Dixon

Dixon was born on April 22, 2001, in Louisa, Kentucky, to Greg Fuggit and Sharon Workman. Her father is a police officer, while her mother used to work as a cashier at Walmart. She attended Lawrence County High School in Louisa, Kentucky, where she met Noah before he became famous. It is believed that they were an item back then in school and have been together since then.

Noah Thompson And Angel Dixon’s Relationship

Even though it hasn’t been said for sure when they started dating, many news stories have said that it might have been in 2017 or 2018, since they both went to Lawrence County High School in 2016. They both graduated in 2020, but they kept seeing each other because they lived close to each other.

Who Is Noah Thompson's Girlfriend? All You Need To Know

Angel went to Big Sandy Community & Technical College in Prestonsburg, Kentucky, after she graduated from high school, while Noah worked as a construction worker. Angel and Noah were together for about three or four years before they had Walker. Aside from his full name, Walker Lee Thompson, neither of his parents talked about his birth in public.

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Noah And Angel On American Idol

Angel and Walker were part of Noah’s success while he was on American Idol. Noah would often talk about his hometown Louisa, his grandma, his son, and his son’s mother, Angel, during the show. Angel used her Instagram account to gain more votes for Noah during the competition, which was pivotal to his winning. This made many fans of his interested in knowing more about his baby mama.

Who Is Noah Thompson's Girlfriend? All You Need To Know

Life After American Idol

After winning the American Idol season 20 coveted prize, Noah shared his elation at being reunited with his son and girlfriend at home in Louisa, Kentucky. However, he had to continue focusing on his career, attending concerts, meetings, events, and recording sessions.

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Rumors About Angel Dixon and Noah Thompson’s Breakup

There have been rumors that Angel Dixon and Noah Thompson are no longer together, but this is untrue. Other claims, which he has also denied, say that the winner of American Idol rejected Angel in favor of another contestant, HunterGirl. Noah is still a family man who wants the best for his son and girlfriend.

Noah Thompson’s success on American Idol has brought him and his girlfriend, Angel Dixon, into the spotlight. They have been together for several years and have a son together. Although Noah’s career is taking him away from home, he remains committed to his family and their future. With Noah’s bright future ahead of him, fans will undoubtedly continue to keep an eye on the young couple.

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