Who Was Phil Baroni’s Girlfriend As The UFC Fighter Is Charged For Her Murder

Reports indicate that former UFC star and bareknuckle fighter Phil Baroni has been detained in Mexico on charges of allegedly murdering his girlfriend.

Mexican news outlet Tribuna De La Bahia claims that Baroni was intoxicated and involved in an altercation with his girlfriend inside a hotel room in San Pancho when the incident occurred.

The article claims that Baroni and his girlfriend had a fight after she confessed to having an affair. After she declined a shower, Baroni allegedly threw her into the bathroom, where she fell and banged her head on the tile. Baroni says he returned her to bed and complied with her request for cigarettes and drink. After a short absence, he returned to find the woman unconscious on the floor.

Reportedly, The Former UFC fighter Called The Police

Reports say the ex-UFC fighter waved down police and told them his unconscious girlfriend required medical attention. The woman was found unresponsive on the bed with only a sheet covering her when police arrived. She had bruises all over her body and face, which seem to point to an assault.

Who Was Phil Baroni's Girlfriend As The UFC Fighter Is Charged For Her Murder

Baroni informed police that the woman admitted she had cheated on him while they were smoking pot and drinking beer. She had fallen and struck her head because, according to Baroni’s account, he had ordered her to take a shower and thrown her into it when she refused. Baroni claims that after he put her back onto the bed, he left the room to go grab her some cigarettes and alcohol. Baroni said he laid down next to the unconscious woman and realized she was out when he returned.


If the report is to be believed, Baroni was picked up by the State Tourist Police and is currently being held by the Municipal Court of Valle De Banderas. An autopsy will be performed to identify the woman’s cause of death, and police are looking at charging Baroni with murder.

The Identity of Baroni’s girlfriend has not been revealed so far, however, the story is under development so we would update our readers as soon as further details emerge.

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Who Is Phil Baroni?

Philip George Baroni is a retired American mixed martial artist, professional wrestler, and former kickboxer. He was born on April 16, 1976 in Massapequa Park, Long Island, New York. Baroni was a wrestler in high school and attended Nassau Community College, where he was a two-time All-American wrestler. He later attended Hofstra University and Central Michigan University, where he studied biology and psychology.

Who Was Phil Baroni's Girlfriend As The UFC Fighter Is Charged For Her Murder

Baroni was also an amateur bodybuilder and kickboxer, and competed in amateur boxing. He began his professional MMA career in 2000 and has competed in various organizations such as the UFC, Pride Fighting Championships, and Bellator MMA. In recent years, he has also participated in professional wrestling and boxing matches.

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