Who Is Prue Leith’s Husband? Relationship Info

Dame Prudence Margaret Leith, DBE, is a prominent figure in the culinary world. Born on February 18, 1940, in South Africa, she has excelled as a restaurateur, television presenter, cookery writer, and novelist. With an impressive career, Prue Leith served as a judge on BBC Two’s Great British Menu for eleven years and gained further recognition as a judge on The Great British Bake Off when the show moved to Channel 4 in March 2017. Additionally, she holds the esteemed position of Chancellor at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

Prue has made a significant impact in the culinary world. However, beyond her successful career, Prue Leith’s personal life has also garnered attention, particularly her relationship with her husband, John Playfair.

Meet Prue Leith’s Husband, John Playfair: A Retired English Fashion Designer

Born in England, John Playfair is a retired English fashion designer who prefers to live a quieter life away from the spotlight. The couple crossed paths in 2011 when Prue was 76 years old, while John was 70. Despite Prue’s celebrity status as a judge on The Great British Bake Off, John Playfair leads a more private life.

Who Is Prue Leith's Husband? Relationship Info

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Know About Prue Leith And John Playfair’s Marriage

Prue Leith and John Playfair tied the knot in Scotland in 2016. Speaking about their marriage on The Jonathan Ross Show, Prue revealed that John was reluctant to wear a kilt south of the border. Determined to have her husband wear a kilt, they chose Scotland for their wedding. Prue humorously mentioned that John thinks kilts are “naff” and prefers not to wear them in England. She also playfully commented on John’s “very good undercarriage.”

Interestingly, Prue and John decided to live separately even after getting married. It wasn’t until November 2020 that they purchased their first house together and moved in. Prue’s rationale behind this decision was to maintain their personal space and then come together to enjoy quality time as a couple. In an interview with The Telegraph, Prue expressed her happiness with their choice to finally live together, referring to their new home as their “retirement home.”

Details About Prue Leith’s Family And Previous Relationships

From her previous marriage to South African author Rayne Kruger, Prue has two children. She and Rayne were married for 28 years, from 1974 until his death in December 2002. Rayne Kruger’s battle with emphysema resulted in a lung infection that led to his passing. Prue and Rayne shared a son named Daniel, who is now a Conservative MP, as well as an adopted daughter named Li-Da. It remains unknown whether John Playfair had any previous marriages or children before his relationship with Prue.

Who Is Prue Leith's Husband? Relationship Info

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All About Prue Leith’s Affair And Autobiography

Prue Leith made headlines when she opened up about her 13-year affair with her first husband, Rayne Kruger, during an interview on the White Wine Question Time podcast. The affair eventually led to their marriage. In her 2012 autobiography, Relish: My Life on a Plate, Prue revealed this affair and shared details about her relationship with Rayne. She explained that it was important to tell his whole story, even if some aspects were not sources of pride. Prue reflected on the time they spent together and highlighted how their discreet affair allowed her to focus on her business without the pressures of marriage.

Prue Leith continues to make waves as a judge on The Great British Bake Off. She recently expressed her delight at having Alison Hammond as a female co-host on the show, alongside comedian Noel Fielding. The addition of Hammond marks an important step in celebrating diversity on the popular baking competition. Prue, alongside co-judge Paul Hollywood, will continue to play an integral role in the series, providing their expertise and insights to aspiring bakers.

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