Meet “Queer Eye” Star Antoni Porowski’s Boyfriend, Kevin Harrington

Antoni Janusz Porowski is a Canadian TV host, chef, actor, model, and author who was born on March 14, 1984. He is the food and wine expert on Queer Eye (2018–present), a Netflix show.

Antoni is not only a talented cook and television personality but also a devoted partner. Porowski announced his engagement to Kevin Harrington, his boyfriend of three years in November 2022, and the couple’s love story is filled with adventures, shared passions, and a deep connection. As they embark on the journey of planning their wedding, one thing is certain: the cuisine will be nothing short of perfection. Let’s take a closer look at the heartwarming relationship between Antoni Porowski and his fiancé, Kevin Harrington.

Inside Porowski And Harrington’s Relationship: From Halloween Zombies To Soulmates

The love story between Porowski and Harrington began in the fall of 2019 when they were first linked romantically. Their connection grew stronger over time, and they officially started dating in July of that year. The couple quickly became inseparable, and their relationship blossomed during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. What was initially intended as a short visit turned into a much longer stay when the couple decided to foster a dog together. Living together with a furry companion brought them even closer and solidified their bond.

Meet "Queer Eye" Star Antoni Porowski's Boyfriend, Kevin Harrington

Porowski and Harrington’s relationship thrives on shared passions and the appreciation of simple joys. They often find solace in nature, exploring the outdoors, and spending quality time with their beloved dog. Porowski mentioned that being in nature and enjoying activities like hiking and playing with their dog keeps them grounded amidst the ups and downs of life. These moments of connection and tranquility are the building blocks of their relationship, allowing them to support and uplift each other.

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Meet Antoni Porowski’s Fiance, Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington is a freelance creative strategy director who has spent the past decade helping various companies advertise and define their brands. From sneakers to snack food, he has had a hand in shaping numerous successful campaigns. In recent years, Harrington has expanded into entertainment strategy projects with prominent networks like NBC and Peacock. His work includes shows such as A Friend of the Family and Love Island USA.

Meet "Queer Eye" Star Antoni Porowski's Boyfriend, Kevin Harrington

Both Porowski and Harrington share a passion for travel and have embarked on numerous adventures together. Their Instagram accounts are filled with captivating snapshots from destinations around the world. From Peru to Poland, from Italy to Thailand, the couple has explored diverse cultures and immersed themselves in new experiences. Their shared love for travel has undoubtedly strengthened their connection and created lifelong memories.

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Know About Porowski And Harrington’s Engagement And Wedding Plans

After three years of love and growth together, Porowski and Harrington announced their engagement in November 2022. The joyful news was celebrated by their friends and colleagues, including Porowski’s fellow Queer Eye cast members. As the couple dives into wedding preparations, Porowski’s passion for food ensures that the cuisine will be a highlight of their big day. While planning may be a bit overwhelming at times, Porowski’s unwavering dedication to creating a perfect culinary experience showcases his commitment to making their wedding unforgettable.

Meet "Queer Eye" Star Antoni Porowski's Boyfriend, Kevin Harrington

Antoni Porowski’s relationship with his fiancé, Kevin Harrington, is a testament to love, growth, and shared experiences. From their early days of romance to fostering a dog and exploring the world together, their journey has been filled with love and adventure. As they prepare for their upcoming wedding, Porowski’s expertise in food and wine guarantees that the cuisine will be nothing short of extraordinary. Their love story serves as a reminder of the beauty that can blossom when two individuals find solace and connection in one another. Cheers to Antoni Porowski and Kevin Harrington, a couple who continue to inspire us all.

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