Who Is Remi Warren’s Wife? All About Their Relationship

Remi Warren is the coolest person in the “Meat Eater” documentary series. In 2012, he first appeared on TV in the documentary series Meat Eater. He goes into the jungle and hunts animals with the Sako 85 rifles.

Warren was a co-host of the Outdoor Channel show Solo Hunters, which was known for being risky. From 2011 to 2018, he was in 42 episodes of the show. The point of the show was that he went into the mountains and filmed his chases. He did his job for Solo Hunters as a tracker, filmmaker, maker, and traveler.

Remi was also the host of the Sportsman Channel show Apex Predator. The show focused on how independent one animal was. Warren also works for Western Hunter Magazine as a writer and field manager. 

Apart from his fascinating professional life, he also has a supportive partner in his personal life. His family of wife Danielle and their kids is small yet adorable. In this article, we’ll talk in-depth about how they got together.

When Did Remi Get Married To His Wife, Danielle Warren?

Remi and Danielle got married in April 2018 in New Zealand in front of close friends and family. The couple chose a stone church that was next to a lake and surrounded by bare, mountainous land.

Remi compared his wife to the beautiful place where they got married in his announcement post. “Her soul is open, wild, and beautiful, just like the landscape,” Warren wrote next to the wedding photos. He kept going: “Over the years, I’ve started some of my favorite adventures from this lake. It makes a lot of sense that this new adventure also starts here. We said our vows in this small room in front of our family and close friends.”

Who Is Remi Warren's Wife? All About Their Relationship

Remi said that he was overwhelmed by the event. “I have always said that God and a woman are the only two things in the world that can make a real man cry,” Remi wrote. “Today, both of those things made me cry.”

He ended his post by saying many nice things about Danielle: “My wife is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I’m excited to spend the rest of my life with her because she has a strong personality, a beautiful smile, and a strong desire to try new things.

Remi said that his first year of marriage was one of the best times of his life and his biggest adventure. He made Danielle look like a caring and selfless partner: “Someone who always makes me want to do more, runs around barefoot, is ready to climb any mountain, is very humble, and always puts the needs of others before her own. She’s a badass in every way, and I respect her for all the good things she’s done for me.

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Remi And Danielle Have Two Kids

Remi and Danielle found out they were pregnant while they were in Montana on a hunting trip. Warren wrote on Instagram that Danielle worked very hard to get ready for a natural birth. Remi wrote, “She put in the time to prepare and did what she set out to do.” “I am so impressed by her courage. It was an amazing thing to do.”

Late in June 2021, their daughter, Wren Lucy Warren was born to the couple. Remi wrote, “My wife Danielle and I are so happy and thankful for her.” Remi used a good hunting analogy to describe the moment: “When I look at my daughter, I feel like I’m always walking up on a 200-inch buck!”

Who Is Remi Warren's Wife? All About Their Relationship

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On 26 January 2023, Remi announced on his Instagram that they have their second kid. He post a picture of his new baby with the caption, “Kit John Warren arrived, and we are so excited for the continued adventures now as a family of four! I have done a lot of fun and cool things in life, but none compare to the calling of being a dad. There is no feeling like meeting your children. I’m so excited to pass down what I know and what I have learned. Kit is blessed to have such an amazing & strong mom and a smart and fun big sister. We are all excited to enjoy this next chapter together, helping guide him through life.”

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