Renard Spivey Verdict: He Was Accused Of Killing His Wife

Renard Spivey, a former Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy from Houston, Texas, has become a notorious figure online after being accused of murdering his wife Patricia in 2019. Recently, a clip from his past as a TV bailiff has surfaced, bringing renewed attention to the case and sparking a fresh wave of interest in the case.

Renard not only served as a member of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department but also pursued a career in acting and worked as a bailiff on the TV show “Justice for All With Judge Christina Perez” from 2012 to 2016. A clip from the show, where a couple is arguing about their marriage and the judge turns to Spivey to ask how long he’s been married is gaining attention online.

Continue reading to learn more about Renard Spivey and his wife, Patricia, and their past. Why did he murder her, and what was the verdict of the case?

Renard Spivey Was Accused of Killing His Wife 

Renard Spivey, a former Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy, made a distressing call for help to 911, claiming that he had been shot in the leg by his wife Patricia. He stated that the shooting occurred during a heated argument between the couple, as they were struggling over a gun. However, when the detectives arrived at the scene, they found that Spivey’s account of the incident did not match the evidence they discovered. His story was full of inconsistencies.

Renard Spivey Verdict: He Was Accused Of Killing His Wife

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Tragically, the body of Patricia was discovered in the closet of the master bedroom. According to her brother, Patricia and her partner, Spivey, had been experiencing difficulties in their relationship, particularly regarding a lack of intimacy. Patricia had reportedly been suspicious that Spivey was using steroids or having an affair.

In retrospect, Patricia’s brother regrets not taking her concerns more seriously and feels guilty for not intervening. He stated, “I never imagined that the situation would escalate to this level. I should have taken her concerns more seriously and that guilt will haunt me for the rest of my life. Despite Spivey’s assurances, I should not have given him the benefit of the doubt.”

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Renard Spivey Verdict: He Was Accused Of Killing His Wife

Renard Spivey Verdict

Renard Spivey, a Harris County sheriff’s deputy, was arrested and jailed on suspicion of murdering his wife. The prosecution requested a high bail amount due to Spivey’s prior expertise as a peace officer and familiarity with firearms, arguing that he posed a high flight risk and threat to the community. The judge ultimately set the bail at $50,000, which Spivey was able to post. Since then, there has been no update on his whereabouts or actions.

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