Meet Rick Ness’ Girlfriend: Leese Marie

Rick Ness, originally from Michigan, grew up around heavy machinery in his father’s construction business. He initially pursued a football career but had to shift to music after a head injury. Ness learned to play the upright bass and formed a band called the .357 Stringband, which released three albums and toured globally.

In Season 3 of Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel hired Rick with no prior gold mining experience, but he quickly excelled and became Parker’s right-hand man. Over time, Rick worked his way up and eventually took a significant risk by setting up his own claim. In his rookie year as a mine boss, he set a Gold Rush record for the most gold hauled in.

In his personal life, Rick Ness is in a relationship with the well-known American celebrity girlfriend, Leese Marie. She’s become recognizable as Rick’s girlfriend on the reality TV series Gold Rush, where she occasionally appears in a supporting role. Their relationship, however, hasn’t been without its challenges, including Leese expressing concerns about alleged infidelity. Despite these hurdles, the couple is now engaged and resides together with Rick’s dog, Rubi. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into their relationship.

Rick Ness And Girlfriend, Leese Marie: Navigating Their Relationship Challenges

Leese Marie and Rick Ness’ relationship became public in November 2020 when they made an official announcement on Rick’s Facebook page. Following this revelation, Leese became more active on various social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. In October 2022, Leese shared exciting news in a now-deleted TikTok video, revealing that Rick Ness had proposed to her, making her Rick Ness’ future wife. Fans of Gold Rush congratulated the couple with enthusiasm.

Meet Rick Ness' Girlfriend: Leese Marie

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However, things took a dramatic turn when Leese announced on TikTok a few weeks later that they had broken up. She detailed allegations of Rick’s infidelity and various forms of abuse during their two-year relationship, including mental, emotional, and physical mistreatment. In November 2022, Rick publicly confirmed these allegations through a Facebook post, admitting to taking Leese for granted. Surprisingly, by January 2023, the couple had reunited.

Rick shared a photo of them on Facebook, expressing their commitment to making the most of the year. Although they have reconciled, they are yet to tie the knot. Leese Marie is not only known as Rick Ness’ girlfriend but is also making her mark as a budding reality TV personality. She has actively supported Rick in his mining career and even made an appearance on an episode of Gold Rush, volunteering as his rock truck driver. Keep reading for more.

Meet Rick Ness' Girlfriend: Leese Marie

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Rick Ness Reflects On A Challenging Year: The Burdens Weighing On His Shoulders (Exclusive)

Gold Rush star Rick Ness opens up about the challenges he faced after his mother’s death in 2018, leading to a bout of depression and a year-long hiatus from the show. Despite the potential loss of millions in a competitive field like gold mining, Ness decided to prioritize his mental health.

Now, in Season 14, he’s returning to gold mining, starting from scratch with secondhand equipment and partnering with a trusted friend. Ness reflects on the importance of seeking help when dealing with mental health issues and how the weight of the world can affect anyone. Season 14 of Gold Rush premieres on the Discovery Channel, showcasing Ness’s journey to rebuild.

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