Rivington Starchild: Meet Taylour Paige’s Husband!

Taylour Paige got married on her 32nd birthday. It was the cutest way to celebrate. The Zola star and designer Rivington Starchild got married on Wednesday. Rivington shared a story slideshow of photos from the wedding with his Instagram followers.

A representative for Taylour Paige told ET, “Taylour Paige got married to Rivington Starchild.”

The actress announced her engagement to the public two weeks before the wedding by posting a photo of herself with a “mystery man” and a beautiful diamond ring.

“Out of nowhere!! You appeared and showed me that the way that I love, was always the way because it’s your way too” Paige wrote the caption for the Sept. 19 photo. She also tagged Tiffany & Co.

Even though the actress never confirmed her relationship with the Rivington roi Rebis designer, they have been photographed together on Starchild’s Instagram page, where his RRR 123 streetwear designs are also shown.

Rivington Starchild: Meet Taylour Paige's Husband!

On the Instagram account for RRR 123, the designer posted a video of the couple dancing to “Let’s Get Married” by Jagged Edges with the caption “J.M.”, which could mean “just married.” In the video, Taylour sings along with the song and jokes that she and her boyfriend started “this thing” three months ago.

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Know About Rivington Starchild

Taylour Paige’s Husband, Rivington Starchild was born in 1984 in Queens, New York. He grew up in Queens and the Dominican Republic. He is well-known for starting the RRR 123 streetwear brand.

While he was living in Brooklyn, he and his band finished their residency at the Pyramid club in the Lower East Side (LES). They took a break for the holidays and decided to record songs together in Los Angeles. But he met a girl and decided to stay, and the band would have done the same since they were having so much fun on the West Coast.

Rivington Starchild: Meet Taylour Paige's Husband!

He used to spend most of his time at a coffee shop on Beverly Boulevard called Andante and at his friends’ homes in Highland. Starchild said in an interview that he and his friend Charlie would walk in the cold from Avenue B to 42nd Street to the Port Authority after going to open bars.

He said that the novels Black Spring and the Tropics by Henry Miller had a big impact on him. He loves to listen to Lana Del Rey’s album Paradise, which has been on his favorites list since 2012.

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Getting A Look At Their Wedding

Paige’s close friend Logan Browning posted pictures from the wedding on social media. In the pictures, Paige was wearing a white mermaid wedding dress with a large cowl. Paige decided to go with simple jewelry and wore diamond rings, a necklace, and her engagement ring.


Starchild was seen wearing a classic black tuxedo with a bow tie and yellow boutonniere. Rivington also wore a black hat on his head. At an outdoor reception, the couple said their vows and spent time with their family and friends. There was a buffet where people could make their own tacos or bowls.

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