Rollan Roberts’ Wife Fainted At His Announcement Speech

Rollan Roberts II is the son of the well-known politician Rollan A. Robert. Rollan Roberts II is a pastor and a Republican member of the 9th district of the West Virginia Senate. On January 9, 2019, he took office.
Roberts has been a manager at the West Virginia school Victory Baptist Academy in Raleigh County since 1988. In 2012, Republican Rollan Roberts II sought the nomination for Montana Senate District 3. In January 2023, he said that he wanted to run for president of the United States in 2024.

On Friday, January 20th, while Rollan Roberts II was making his announcement speech, his pregnant wife passed out behind him, bringing Old Glory with her. And he waited for a beat too long before approaching her. According to the campaign website, Rebecca Lea Roberts is due on July 2. She carried the American flag with her when she left the country. Since then, a video clip of the incident has been shared on social media, along with comments about how long it seemed to take the presidential candidate to go check on his wife after she fell just a few feet away. Read on to know everything about his wife.

Rollan Roberts’ Wife, Rebecca Is Five-Months-Pregnant

On May 31, 2021, Rollan posted the first picture from his wedding. They have been together ever since. Rolllan’s wife is 5 months along in her pregnancy. It’s their first child. In the video, Rebbecca Lee Roberts wobbles on her feet before she starts to fall. When she starts to fall, a man nearby tries to help her, which seems to cause a large American flag on a stand to fall on her as she lies on the ground. The West Virginia Daily News says that medical staff helped the woman. After that, Roberts II asked, “Can we give the medical team a hand for their help?”

Rollan Roberts' Wife Fainted At His Announcement Speech

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Rollan Roberts’ Wife Is Fine Now

“I’m running for president not to take us back to the way things used to be, and not to reset humanity to some ideology,” Roberts II said before his wife fainted. “But through principled and disciplined leadership — sound wisdom based on truth and respect for all people — to lead America in solving the big problems of our time in a way that sets the stage for our leadership and excellence in the 22nd century.”

Rollan Roberts' Wife Fainted At His Announcement Speech

Roberts II, who is the son of W.Va. State Senator Rollan A. Roberts, R-Raleigh, said later that his wife is fine and didn’t get hurt badly in the fall. Roberts added in his speech, “I’d rather live a simple, quiet, God-fearing life with my family.” “But God had something else in mind for me. I didn’t come from a rich family. I wasn’t given a silver spoon when I was born. I had to go to a regular college, not a fancy one, and work to pay for school and living expenses.”

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After the video of Roberts II’s wife passing out started to go viral, someone tweeted two questions: A. Who is Rollan Roberts? B. Why was he the last person to move after his pregnant wife passed out?
“You clearly don’t care about your wife’s health,” said someone else on Twitter. “I’d drop out now, sweetie.”

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