Shakira Austin’s Injury: What Happened To Her?

Meet Shakira Austin, a remarkable American professional basketball player currently excelling in both the Israeli Elitzur Ramla and the Washington Mystics of the WNBA. Born on July 25, 2000, Austin honed her skills playing college basketball at Maryland.

Ole Miss, propelling her towards a promising career in the sport. With her exceptional talent, she has become a standout player in both domestic and international leagues. Shakira Austin, the 2018 McDonald’s High School All-American, ranked fourth in the nation and second among forwards in her recruiting class, chose to sign with Maryland after high school.

Get the latest updates on Shakira Austin’s injury, including detailed information about what happened to her and the latest news on her left hamstring. Stay informed about the status of Shakira Austin’s injury and stay up to date with the developments surrounding it.

Shakira Austin Carried Off Court Following Scary-Looking Injury

In a devastating incident on Sunday afternoon, WNBA star Shakira Austin suffered a significant leg injury during a game, leaving fans and teammates deeply shaken. The Washington Mystics’ radiant star, known for her breathtaking performances, encountered a tragic mishap while displaying her athletic prowess, leaving spectators stunned.

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As her left hamstring gave way, the anguish on Shakira Austin’s face was unmistakable. Overwhelmed by excruciating pain, she was unable to continue on her own. In a powerful display of support and unity, the Mystics swiftly came to her aid, carefully carrying her off the floor, aware of the weight of the moment.

Shakira Austin's Injury: What Happened To Her?

A somber atmosphere enveloped the arena as concern and prayers flooded the air for Shakira Austin’s well-being. ESPN shared the heartbreaking update on Twitter, emphasizing the severity of her left hamstring injury. The circumstances leading to this distressing outcome remained uncertain, leaving fans and well-wishers in a state of shock and dismay.

Natasha Cloud Assists Shakira Austin off the Court Following Scary Hip Injury

In her sophomore year, Shakira Austin has made an even bigger impact after a promising rookie season. Before the recent game, she was second in scoring for the team, averaging 11.8 points per game. Austin also led the Mystics in rebounds with 8.0 per game and boasted an impressive 51.8% shooting accuracy.

Teammate Natasha Cloud, a crucial member of the Mystics’ 2019 WNBA championship team, joined in carrying Austin off the court, as noted in a tweet by HighlightHER founder Arielle Chambers. Despite the unfortunate incident, Austin had a productive performance, recording six points, five rebounds, one steal, and one block in 22 minutes of play at the Barclays Center.

Shakira Austin's Injury: What Happened To Her?

Mystics face further injury concerns as guard Kristi Toliver will be sidelined for at least two weeks due to plantar fasciitis discomfort. The veteran player, with 14 years of experience across multiple teams, including the Sky, Mystics, and Sparks, will undergo re-evaluation in early July. Toliver has participated in eight games for Washington this season.

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The Mystics issued an official statement regarding Toliver’s condition, mentioning that she will undergo treatment for her discomfort and be re-evaluated after the two-week period. Further updates will be provided accordingly.

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