Shams Charania Wife: Is NBA Insider  Married?

Shams Charania is an American sports journalist who specializes in NBA coverage. He serves as a reporter for The Athletic and Stadium.

Recently, Shams found himself in a surprising situation when his cell phone was briefly taken away from him. The incident occurred on the ‘Up & Adams Show’ on FanDuel TV during Thursday’s episode, where host Kay Adams playfully took Charania’s phone.

It’s worth noting that Charania is known for dedicating more than 17 hours a day to his phone, ensuring that he stays ahead of his competitors and doesn’t miss out on breaking news in the world of sports journalism.

Now, shifting our focus to Shams Charania’s personal life, we’ll delve into his career and potentially provide insights into his marital status, offering a more comprehensive look at this well-respected analyst in the NBA world.

Does Shams Charania Have A Wife?

There has been ongoing speculation about Shams Charania’s marital status, as he has chosen not to publicly confirm or deny his marriage, keeping his personal life private.

Shams Charania Wife: Is NBA Insider  Married?

There have been rumors circulating about a possible relationship between Shams Charania and Lisa Skeete Tatum, a notable businesswoman known for founding the Landit platform. However, the details of their connection and the current status of their relationship have not been officially revealed, as Charania has opted to maintain a level of privacy regarding these aspects of his personal life.

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All About Shams Charania’s Career As Sports Journalist

Shams Charania’s career in sports journalism began at the young age of 17 when he covered the Chicago Bulls for ChicagoNow, a subsidiary of the Chicago Tribune. In 2012, he expanded his experience by writing for RealGM, where he focused on reporting smaller transactions within the NBA. His talent didn’t go unnoticed, and he came to the attention of Adrian Wojnarowski, a prominent figure in sports reporting at the time with Yahoo Sports.

Upon joining Yahoo, Charania’s career took off, particularly in the summer of 2016 when he became known for breaking significant NBA news. This included high-profile deals and signings like Dwight Howard’s move to the Atlanta Hawks, DeMar DeRozan’s re-signing with the Toronto Raptors, Luol Deng’s signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, and Jamal Crawford’s signing with the Los Angeles Clippers. His consistent breaking of news led to a friendly rivalry with Adrian Wojnarowski.

In 2017, Charania continued to make a name for himself by breaking news about signings involving star players such as Stephen Curry, Blake Griffin, Jeff Teague, and Paul Millsap. In August 2018, Charania made a notable career move when he announced his departure from Yahoo Sports via Twitter, revealing that he would be joining The Athletic and Stadium.

Shams Charania Wife: Is NBA Insider  Married?

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His influence extended beyond the realm of the NBA. On October 2, 2020, Charania reported a significant non-NBA-related event when he announced that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for COVID-19, showcasing his ability to cover breaking news in different domains.

In 2023, Charania continued to demonstrate his prowess, this time in the world of NFL reporting. He reported the first three picks of the 2023 NFL Draft on Twitter, beating even established NFL insiders.

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