Shut The Kale Up Divorce: Inside Details Of Jeannette And AJ Ogden Split

Everyone who is good at social media has their own secrets to success. It could be camera equipment, brand managers, editing apps, or anything else. Jeannette Ogden of @shutthekaleup is a health, food, and wellness Instagram influencer. However, she only has one strategy, which is to not have a strategy.

Jeannette Ogden is loved by hundreds of thousands of people on Instagram, where she shares her life as a mom, wife, and all-around badass woman of wellness.

Shut The Kale Up Divorce: Inside Details Of Jeannette And AJ Ogden Split

Ogden’s motto, “What you see is what you get,” has quickly become a double-tap magnet. In just three years, he has gained a huge following of 254,000 people. And this booming business isn’t just about her fans. Even though she barely made any money from her feed in its first year, Ogden’s focus on real partnerships has pushed her annual earnings into the low six figures.

On social media, word is getting around that Jeannette Ogden also known as Shut the Kale Up is getting a divorce. Let’s find out if the news is true and if the rumors have any truth to them.

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Is Jeannette Ogden AKA Shut The Kale Up Getting A Divorce From AJ Ogden?

Social media is full of talk that Jeannette Ogden, also known as Shut the Kale Up is getting a divorce. But the rumors can’t be proven because she hasn’t said anything about the divorce or how bad things are between her and her husband AJ.

Shut The Kale Up Divorce: Inside Details Of Jeannette And AJ Ogden Split

However, it’s clear from her Instagram that she doesn’t have any pictures of her with her husband. Maybe the rumors that the couple is no longer together are right after all. If it proves anything,  Jeannette’s Instagram no longer has the pictures she used to post of herself with her husband AJ and her kids. Infact, she has removed every single picture of her husband AJ Ogden.

AJ Ogden Has Filed A Family – Marriage Dissolution/Divorce Lawsuit Against Jeannette Ogden

As per Unicourt, on 05/25/2022 AARON OGDEN filed a Family – Marriage Dissolution/Divorce lawsuit against JEANNNETTE OGDEN. This case was filed in Orange County Superior Courts, Lamoreaux Justice Center located in Orange, California. The case status is Not Classified By Court.

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More Details About Shut The Kale Up Aka Jeanette Ogden And AJ Ogden’s Divorce

Jeannette and AJ met at church, she pursued him and they had a quick relationship before getting married. They didn’t start having sex until after they got married, too!

They have had many differences of opinion over the upbringing of their children; for example, he despised the fact that she was an influencer, and she was not supportive of his journey as a member of a Christian band that required him to travel so frequently.

Shut The Kale Up Divorce: Inside Details Of Jeannette And AJ Ogden Split

Fans have frequently seen that Jeannette would stop you from commenting on any of her postings if you say anything critical about her. It seems that this is not a new thing at all.

Jeannette uploaded several photos of herself crying and announced that she and her partner would begin attending couples counseling in January of 2021. Her mother was also staying with them for a spell between September 2020 and some point in mid-2021 because of her own marital troubles.

In June 2021, she responded to somebody in the comments inquiring where he was under Elliot’s graduation article. She nonchalantly responded, “he was there too”.

Many inquiries, comments, and concerns after then have been left unaddressed or deleted.

May 2022 every record of AJ on her page is deleted, including saved stories. On May 17th, she tweeted she has a huge life update. And on May 25th it became evident that AJ has filed for divorce.

Sources who have met her in person claim her relationship with AJ has always been rocky. They had very different ideas about how to raise kids, and he hated that she was an influencer and showed the kids online from the start. No one was surprised by the divorce. When you find out how they met, it all makes sense.

Reddit user @ Low-Cap5159 said, “from what I remember, she’s very nice in person, but she’s never been honest on social media. I remember thinking that she was very different online than she was in person. I’m not surprised that she’s keeping things from me to make her life look more exciting.

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