Speaker Knockerz’s Death: Remembering Him On His Birthday

Derek McAllister Jr., who went by the stage name Speaker Knockerz, was a talented American rapper and record producer hailing from Columbia, South Carolina. It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly a decade since he left everyone at the young age of 19. He passed away on March 4, 2014. He had immense potential and was about to make a big splash in the music scene when his unexpected passing occurred.

Today, which happens to be November 6, 2023, people are fondly remembering him on the occasion of his birthday. He gained recognition for his self-produced tracks, which gained popularity on YouTube.

Notable among his hit songs are “Dap You Up” and “Lonely.” XXL magazine has acknowledged him as a leading figure in the melodically-driven contemporary rap scene.

Let’s delve into the legacy of the body of work he left behind, celebrated by fans and prompting contemplation about the extraordinary heights he could have achieved. Furthermore, we will explore the insights shared by his mother regarding her son’s untimely passing and the circumstances surrounding his demise.

Speaker Knockerz’s Mom Responds To Speculation Surrounding Her Son’s Passing

Tragically, on March 4, 2014, McAllister was discovered lifeless in his home garage in South Carolina. Toxicology reports unveiled that he had suffered a fatal heart attack due to an overdose of codeine syrup.

A few months ago in an interview, Mesha Wilson, known as Mama Knockerz, the mother of the late artist Speaker Knockerz, opened up about her son’s deep commitment to his craft. She also addressed the ongoing speculation regarding her son’s untimely death, highlighting that a significant majority of the reports she has come across, roughly 95 percent, contain inaccuracies.

Speaker Knockerz's Death: Remembering Him On His Birthday

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During her discussion on the Drea O Show, Wilson expressed her concern over the misinformation that has permeated the media. She stressed that much of what the public believes about her son’s passing is quite far from the truth. She felt compelled to clarify that her son’s death was not related to any form of substance abuse, nor was it due to a heart attack.

When the toxicology results came back, they didn’t support those claims,” Wilson stated. She refrained from delving further into the details of her son’s death, indicating that this aspect of his life is not something she is prepared to discuss in great depth at the moment.

Earlier in the conversation, Wilson fondly reminisced about her earliest memories of her son’s passion for the creative process. She also highlighted the importance of the time he spent with his father in shaping his artistic development. Notably, Speaker Knockerz’s father was a musician and producer in his own right.

Know About Speaker Knockerz’s Musical Journey

Speaker Knockerz, a talented musician, started his journey into music at the young age of 13, using the Fruity Loops program after being inspired by Soulja Boy. In the early 2010s, he sold his first music beat for $50, which he used to buy speakers. He built a reputation as a producer, working with notable rappers like Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, French Montana, and Shy Glizzy. In 2012, he ventured into rapping as a means to promote his music production.

Speaker Knockerz's Death: Remembering Him On His Birthday

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In 2013, Speaker Knockerz released two mixtapes, “Married to the Money” and “Finesse Father,” and produced his first music video, “Money.” He continued to expand his presence in the music industry with videos for songs like “Rico Story Part 1” and “Lonely.” A

Following his untimely death, his family paid tribute by releasing a posthumous music video for his last song released during his lifetime, “Erica Kane,” in May 2014. They also released his mixtape “Married to the Money II” in his memory in September 2014.

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