Who Is Stephanie Gosk’s Wife? All You Need To Know!

Stephanie Gosk is currently a correspondent for NBC News.

She actually writes for Today, NBC Nightly News, and even MSNBC. She has started from the bottom and works very hard at her job. It has helped her get to a great place at her age, and she still thinks she can get better as time goes on. People think that Stephanie is one of the best American reporters of her time.

Stephanie Gosk has always been clear about her s*xuality when talking about her relationships.

She’s been interested in women from the start, and she’s already seeing someone. The couple has also started a family and is living a peaceful, happy life together.

Who Is Stephanie Gosk’s Wife?

Stephanie Gosk’s Partner is Jenna Wolfe. Jenna Wolfe works in the same field, in case you don’t know who she is. She is also a journalist who has worked for NBC’s Today show as a correspondent. She was also one of the hosts of Sunday from 2007 to 2012. Don’t forget to talk about how she worked for a few years as the news anchor for Weekend Today.

Who Is Stephanie Gosk's Wife? All You Need To Know!

Stephanie also has a couple of children with Jenna. Quinn Lily-Wolfeld Gosk was born on August 21, 2013, and Harper Estelle Wolfeld Gosk was born on February 4, 2015. Jenna carried both babies.

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When Did Stephanie Gosk And Jenna Wolfe Meet?

Stephanie and Jenna met back in 2010 while they were both working at NBC. Since then, they’ve known that they were made for each other. Also, because they work in the same field, they understand each other pretty well.

They seem to be very good for each other. During that time, Stephanie was reporting from Libya while Jenna was living in the United States.

Who Is Stephanie Gosk's Wife? All You Need To Know!

Jenna told People magazine, “This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to us.” But I don’t want to bring my daughter into a world where I’m not happy telling everyone who I am and who her mother is.”

“The great thing is that we live in a time when there’s no need for secrecy…This is a great time for us,” Stephanie said while talking about the situation. She and Jenna were together for almost three years before they decided to start a family in 2013. Even though they have plans to get married, they have not done so as of this writing.

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Meet Stephanie And Jenna On Instagram

Stephanie is currently using @stephanie.gosk and has 11.3K followers. Her latest post says, “Kings Canyon National Park. The Rae Lakes Loop. Over fifty miles. 9,000 feet of elevation gain. A couple of bears. One rattlesnake I didn’t see. And a fierce blister. Thanks for the tour @rei adventures. My guides Sydney and Jeff were like superhero mountain people. It couldn’t have been more perfect.”

On the other hand, Jenna, Stephanie’s partner, is on Instagram right now as @jennawolfe. She has more followers than Stephanie did. Her follower count is 121K. Her most recent post says, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. No regrets. Not one.”

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