Who Is Steve Garvey’s Wife? Know About Steve’s Dating History!

Steven Patrick Garvey was born on December 22, 1948. He played first base in Major League Baseball and is now a businessman in Southern California. In 1985, Garvey set a record for most consecutive error-free games by an infielder in Major League Baseball (193). This was the record until April 2, 2008, when Kevin Youkilis beat it.

Garvey was born in Tampa, Florida. He was a bat boy for the Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Yankees, and Detroit Tigers from 1956 to 1961. Garvey went to Michigan State University after he graduated from Chamberlain High School. There, he played both football and baseball. Garvey played his whole career in the National League West for two teams: the Los Angeles Dodgers (1969–1982) and the San Diego Padres (1983-87).

He threw and batted right. Garvey played 2332 games over the course of a 19-year career, hitting.294 with 272 home runs and 1308 RBI. More than any other non-Hall of Fame eligible player, he had 200 hits in six of his seasons with the Dodgers.

Aside from his work, people are also interested in his personal life. So, who is the player’s wife? Find the answers you need in this article.

Who Is Steve Garvey’s Wife?

Steve Garvey is now married to Candace Thomas. He got engaged in January of 1989. On February 18, 1989, the two people tied the sacred knot.

Who Is Steve Garvey's Wife? Know About Steve's Dating History!

Candace Garvey was born in San Marino, California, on November 18, 1958. She was previously married to Mark Thomas. From Mark, Candace has two kids: Taylor Abess and Shaunna Thomas Butler.

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According to LA Times, Candace was an interior decorator, of Palos Verdes. He met Candace at a Special Olympics fundraiser event. According to her Instagram handle @candaceg6, she loves her family so much, she wrote “My God ,My Husband Steve Garvey our children,The Dodgers, I give thanks…” in the bio. Her account is full of their family photos. They together have three kids: Sean, Olivia, and Ryan Garvey.

In the middle of what Garvey called a “midlife disaster,” he sued his ex-wife Cyndy to get custody of his two kids. In court, his daughters said they did not want to see him. Garvey lost business opportunities because of the lawsuits and had to pay half of his monthly TV earnings to child support. However, his wife supported him in his hard times.

Who Is Steve Garvey's Wife? Know About Steve's Dating History!

However, if you didn’t know, Steve was married twice. His first wife was named Cynthia Truhan. His dates are also very interesting.

Know About Steve Garvey’s Dating History

Relationship-wise, Steve Garvey‘s life was a roller coaster. He was linked to the number of women. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Cynthia Truhan

Steve married Cynthia in 1971 at the age of 22. They welcomed two children into the world, Krisha and Whitney. Cynthia was not well-liked by the vast majority of Garvey’s teammates on the Dodgers or their wives. Garvey was already romantically connected with his secretary when Cynthia broke up with him and went to be with composer Marvin Hamlisch. In 1983, Garvey and Cynthia filed for divorce.

Who Is Steve Garvey's Wife? Know About Steve's Dating History!

After that, Garvey initiated legal action against his ex-wife Cynthia in order to gain custody of his two children. Despite this, his daughters refused to visit him.

Judith Ross 

There are speculations that Steve dated Judith Ross. The couple started dating in 1984. However, they broke up in 1988.

Cheryl Moulton

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Gravy and Cheryl from May 1988 to Nov 1988. They had a child together. In July, she gave birth to their daughter Ashleigh. But, Gravy had another plan. He proposed to a new woman.

Rebecka Mendenhall 

In November of 1988, Garvey made his proposal to Rebecka Mendenhall, a producer for Atlanta-based Cable News Network, during which he disclosed his feelings toward Moulton to Mendenhall. Mendenhall found out in January that she was pregnant with their child.

Who Is Steve Garvey's Wife? Know About Steve's Dating History!

On January 1, 1989, Garvey ended their engagement with an abrupt phone call. In October of 1989, they welcomed their first and only child, Slade. The reason for their break up might be Candace Thomas. As he got engaged the Candance the same month.

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