Who Is Steven Rios’ Wife? Where Is He Now?

Steven Rios is a former police officer from Missouri who is now in prison. He worked for the Columbia Police Department before he went to jail. In 2004, Jesse Valencia, a college girl, was murdered, and Steven Rios was found guilty of first-degree murder. A later 2005 sentencing found him guilty and he was given a life sentence without the possibility of release.

The murder is featured on Netflix’s show titled “How I Caught My Killer: Everybody Was Always Looking at Him,” which premiered on January 12, 2023. The audience is wondering where Steven Rios is right now. What’s the deal with his private life? In this article, we will talk about his wife, Libby Rios who was always with her. Keep reading if you want the full story.

Know About Steven Rios’ Wife

Even though it’s not clear when Libby met Steven or fell in love with him for the first time, they had been happily married for about two years by the beginning of the summer of 2004. They even had a 4-and-a-half-month-old son together, whom they seemed happy to raise in their middle-class but comfortable home with the help of the latter’s salary from the judicial government. But everything went wrong when it was found out that the 27-year-old officer had been sexually involved with Jesse behind his back and had also killed him in a fit of rage when Jesse threatened to tell the truth about their relationship.

Who Is Steven Rios' Wife? Where Is He Now?

Later, Steven admitted to having an affair, but he adamantly denied choking the girl before cutting his throat with a serrated knife, which he often carried. His wife believed him, though. Libby once said, “There are a lot of people who cheat on their spouses every day.” “That doesn’t mean that they are able to kill someone. It doesn’t mean that their lives should be taken from them.” The fact that she remembers him coming home between 5:15 am and 5:25 am on that fateful day while she was making a bottle for their son is a big reason why she accepts it.

So, Libby admits that her husband caused her a lot of pain, but she promised to stand by him until she had solid proof that he was involved. This never happened, though, because all the evidence was just a bunch of hints.

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Where Is Steven Now?

Rios is still locked up in the South Dakota State Penitentiary, where he is serving a life sentence for killing Jesse Valencia, as per the sources. On May 23, 2005, he was found guilty of murder in the first degree and using a weapon during the crime. But his conviction was thrown out, and he was given a new trial.

Who Is Steven Rios' Wife? Where Is He Now?

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Rios was found guilty of second-degree murder and using a gun in a crime on January 15, 2009. This time, he was found guilty of murder and given a life sentence plus 23 years for the second charge. Rios still believes he is innocent, even though he has been found guilty twice.

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