Streaming Services vs Conventional Entertainment 

Streaming Services have really shaped the Entertainment Industry over the past decade or so. On one hand, where they have had a positive impact in producing more quality content, on the other hand, it has made traditional ways of entertainment like the most popular Cable TV, Obsolete.

Streaming Services however require internet services to ensure fast downloading to enhance a customer’s streaming experience, in absence of which you won’t be able to live stream and experience a drop in image quality so choosing a reliable internet connection is important, and guess what Spectrum internet is best among others in the U.S and for U.K, Sky Broadband is the best.

Let’s look at how Streaming Services have impacted the Entertainment Industry.

More Experimentation

With the popularity of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu and other such services there has not only been a rise in the amount of work being produced but it has also given room to content creators for more experimentation with the type of topics and genres they chose to take up.

Not only has it given a vast playing field to the writers and producers but also to the actors and directors to explore their different facets

No Time Limitation

Streaming Services vs Conventional Entertainment 

Unlike the old times when viewers were restricted to watching their favorite shows at the times scheduled by the media houses, Streaming Services give their viewers the freedom to choose the time that best suits their schedule and preference thus enhancing their overall experience.

Global Reach

With good streaming services and quality gadgets available in most parts of the world, the content created in just not limited to one region but is available to all consumers throughout the world thus having a much larger audience and so creating more and more opportunities for the creators.

Connecting with the Audience

Streaming services such as YouTube and some social media apps give the actors their personal space to interact with their fans on one on one basis which makes their connection deeper. As more and more people subscribe to their blogs/pages the actors gain more popularity and their fans get a chance to observe the lives of their favorite actors closely as well as interact with them.

Liberty to Choose

With the onset of streaming services, there is always a wide variety of content available to the consumer to choose from. They can choose to watch a comedy if hanging out with friends or a horror flick if having a cousin’s sleepover- all of it is just a click away!

With multi-episode seasons, you can either binge-watch the entire show or go at a slow pace watching one episode a day all according to your time and convenience.

New Talent

As large amounts of work are being produced it gives a chance to more and more new and upcoming actors to show their skills and talent and has made it comparatively easier for them to join the industry, unlike the old when where only a few popular names would get the work over and over again.

Industry Growth

With the rise in the amount of work produced the industry has grown multifold by creating more job opportunities at all levels to a significant rise in the revenue of the entertainment industry.


While discussing professional platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime it is equally important to mention personal blogs created by people. With a good monetizing policy, YouTube has attracted a large audience to make their online blogs. These blogs range from a variety of topics such as food, lifestyle education, and technical to just anything under the sun, you name it and they have it!

These blogs also have a lot of traffic and also take up a good amount of time spent online by internet users.  Some channels on these apps also provide live coverage of events and TV channels further eliminating the need for Cable television. 

While streaming services have most positively impacted the entertainment industry there have been some adverse effects as well for example.

Fall In Cinema Goers

The rise of streaming services has adversely affected the theatre business causing a lot of theatres to shut down or reduce operating hours.

Spoilt for Choice

Too much content has spoiled the consumer for so much choice that they spend hours flipping and changing the content finding it difficult to choose the “right” one according to their mood.

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