Know About Tammy Wynette’s Husband, Children And Past Relationships!

Tammy Wynette was an American country music singer, as well as an actress and author. She is thought to be one of the genre’s most influential and successful artists. Wynette helped bring a woman’s point of view to the male-dominated country music field, which helped other women find their place in the genre. Critics, journalists, and writers have said that her voice has a unique way of conveying emotion.

Talking about her personal life, throughout her whole life she struggled with a number of health issues. Wynette died while she was sleeping in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 6, 1998. She was 55 at the time. She was married five times and has four children from those marriages. Read on to know everything about her marriages and children.

All You Need To Know About Tammy Wynette’s Five Marriages

Tammy Wynette First Husband, Euple Byrd

Wynette got married to Euple Byrd when she was 18 years old, in 1960. He worked in construction on and off, and they moved around a lot. She also had other jobs at the time, like being a bartender and a hairdresser.

Know About Tammy Wynette's Husband, Children And Past Relationships!

Wynette had two daughters by the time she was 20. She left Byrd when she was carrying their third child. She moved to Nashville with her children in 1966, hoping to become a singer like her friend Dolly Parton. She quickly got her first record deal.

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Tammy Wynette Second Husband, Don Chapel

In 1967, Wynette married songwriter, Don Chapel. Her singing career started to take off, and she soon met George Jones, who was her childhood idol in country music.

According to Biography, Jones told Wynette he loved her while she was fighting with Chapel. And she said she liked him, too. She ran away with him and tried to file for divorce. But she soon found out that she had gotten married a second time too shortly after her first divorce, so the marriage was not legal.

Tammy Wynette Third Husband, George Jones

In 1969, Wynette got married to Jones, released the song “Stand By Your Man,” and joined the Grand Ole Opry. They were the most famous couple in country music, and when their daughter was born, she was gifted with a recording contract.

Know About Tammy Wynette's Husband, Children And Past Relationships!

But Jones’s drunkenness, which lasted most of his life, was too much for his marriage to handle. They got a divorce in 1975, but they continued to work together for many years after that. Their final album, One, was released in 1995, three years before Wynette’s untimely death at the age of 55.

The country duo’s relationship is now memorialized in a six-episode limited series titled George and Tammy, which premieres on Paramount+ on December 4. Jessica Chastain will play Wynette, and Michael Shannon will play Jones.

Tammy Wynette Fourth Husband, Michael Tomlin

Wynette then met Michael Tomlin, a real estate developer, through her friend Nan Crofton. They only dated for a few weeks before they got married. On July 18, 1976, they got married at her home in Nashville. After the honeymoon in Hawaii, Wynette said that Tomlin spent a lot of money and tried to use a gun on the beach, which scared her kids. Six weeks after their wedding, their marriage was annulled.

Tammy Wynette Last Husband, George Richley

Wynette’s last husband was singer-songwriter George Richey, whom she married in 1978 and remained with until her death in 1998. Wynette’s daughters later alleged that her longest marriage was less than pleasant.

Know About Tammy Wynette's Husband, Children And Past Relationships!

Richey allegedly tortured Wynette so brutally that the couple made up an abduction narrative shortly after their marriage to explain the serious injuries left behind. And they claimed the information came directly from Wynette. They claimed she was terrified to leave Richey because of the reason he threatened to expose her in a book.

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Meet Tammy Wynette’s Children

Wynette was the mother of four girls. Her first marriage to Euple Byrd had three children. Gwendolyn Lee, their first child, was born on April 14, 1961. Jaclyn Faye, their second daughter, was born on August 21, 1962. Tina Denise Byrd, her third daughter, was born on March 27, 1965.  Tina was diagnosed with spinal meningitis four months later and was hospitalized for 17 days.

Know About Tammy Wynette's Husband, Children And Past Relationships!

Wynette gave birth to her fourth child, Tamala Georgette Jones, in October 1970. This was her only kid from her marriage to George Jones. As an adult, Georgette would pursue her own music career. She has released five albums and toured globally as a country performer since then. Jaclyn and Georgette have strived to preserve their mother’s legacy since her passing. Following their mother’s death, both daughters penned memoirs about her. The first, Tammy Wynette: A Daughter Recalls Her Mother’s Tragic Life and Death, was written by Jaclyn Daly in 2000.

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