Know About Taylor Decker’s Wife As He Criticizes FedEx For “Losing A Delivery Of Milk”

Taylor Decker, a star player for the Detroit Lions, said that FedEx lost a shipment of breast milk for his new baby. The offensive tackle was outraged after the delivery giant allegedly lost a big order of frozen breast milk for his 3-month-old daughter Daisy Faye Decker and then refused to pay him back. Decker went on Twitter to complain about FedEx and call the whole thing a “joke.”

Taylor Decker is an offensive tackle for the National Football League team Detroit Lions (NFL). He went to Ohio State to play football in college. Fans are wondering about his personal life including his daughter and wife. Here in this article, we’ll discuss His personal life including his wife and their kids.

Taylor Is Married To Kyndra Decker

Taylor and Kyndra only met a few months before Taylor was going to start playing football professionally, so they spent as much time as they could together before he went to Arizona to train with the NFL Combine. “We used to see each other almost every day, but then we only saw each other once a month, if we were lucky,” he said. Even though they moved and went through more football seasons, their relationship only got stronger.

Know About Taylor Decker's Wife As He Criticizes FedEx For "Losing A Delivery Of Milk"

Taylor couldn’t sneak into his girlfriend’s hometown without getting caught, so he called her parents to ask for their permission. Once the engagement ring was ready, it was going to be delivered the same day Bryn left to visit friends, so he hurried her out of the house so she wouldn’t see it arrive. When she got home, Taylor was on one knee, surrounded by rose petals and vases full of flowers, and music was playing. Bryn says, “I honestly had no idea what was going on when I walked in, and I didn’t even see the ring box or hear him ask me to marry him!” Once she realized what was happening, she said yes.

On February 25, 2022, in The Herb Box on East 5th Avenue in Scottsdale, Arizona, Taylor wed Kyndra in a solemn ceremony. They’ve set up a wedding website the knot where you can learn a lot about the nuptials. They have a daughter named Daisy Faye Decker Who was born in November 2022.

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Taylor Decker Criticizes FedEx For “Losing A Delivery Of Milk” For His Daughter

It all started when Decker, who is 29 years old, criticized FedEx on Friday, saying that the company lost a big shipment of frozen milk for his 3-month-old daughter Daisy Faye Decker and then wouldn’t pay him back, which made the OT very angry, according to The Dailymail. “Shout out to FedEx for losing a 24-hour shipment of a month’s worth of milk for my newborn, which was perishable, and telling me they can’t do anything and won’t pay me back. What a joke “on Twitter, Taylor wrote.

Know About Taylor Decker's Wife As He Criticizes FedEx For "Losing A Delivery Of Milk"

Well, the complaint was sent to Decker’s 114K followers, which seemed to get the attention of FedEx HQ. They told that they’re in touch with Decker and trying to “resolve the issue.” Decker says that he can’t just run to the store and buy more milk. Instead, he and his wife froze their breast milk and sent it to Arizona for the off-season.

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Taylor says that before he went on social media to complain, he drove all over Phoenix to four different FedEx locations to try to find the milk. Taylor was the 16th overall pick in the 2016 draft, and he has been a mainstay at tackle for the Detroit Lions. Daisy was born to Decker on October 18, 2022.

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