Taylor Rooks Husband: Is She Married Or Not?

Taylor Rooks is an American sports journalist and broadcaster known for her work, Bleacher Report, and Turner Sports. Before becoming a part of the Turner networks, she held roles as a host, reporter, and correspondent at SportsNet New York. Prior to her tenure in the New York market, she gained experience working with the Big Ten Network.

Taylor Rooks is deeply involved in the sports industry, taking on various roles this year. She is currently the feature reporter for Thursday Night Football as the NFL season begins. Aside from this, celebrity circles often attract a fair share of dating rumors and gossip. As for Taylor Rooks, it’s worth inquiring whether she is currently in a relationship or single, if she has a boyfriend and married or not. Let’s know about her in this article.

Is Taylor Rooks Married To Jesse Williams?

Taylor Rooks has not tied the knot, but there were speculations surrounding her romantic life back in 2018 when she was seen in the company of actor Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy. Their first public appearance together was captured in June 2018 when they were spotted having dinner.

Interestingly, Jesse Williams, embarked on a relationship with Taylor Rooks while in the midst of a divorce from his then-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee. Even though the divorce was underway, the legal aspect of their marriage was still pending.

Taylor Rooks Husband: Is She Married Or Not?

Consequently, Jesse and Taylor made efforts to maintain a discreet connection during this period. The relationship between Taylor Rooks and Jesse Williams was short-lived, as the actor began dating actress and performer Taylour Paige in early 2019. In early 2019, there were speculations surrounding Taylor’s involvement with NFL sensation Odell Beckham Jr. However, both Taylor and Odell chose to remain tight-lipped about the details of their relationship. Let’s know whether she is dating somebody or not.

Who Is ESPN Broadcaster Taylor Rooks Currently Dating?

Although there hasn’t been an official confirmation of Taylor’s relationship status, some fans speculate that Taylor might be in a relationship with Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. This speculation arose after they were allegedly seen together on February 12, 2022, leaving a Drake concert in West Hollywood, which led to rumors of them dating.

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It’s possible that Taylor is waiting for a special moment to confirm her relationship, or she might already be in a current relationship. At this point, her relationship status remains uncertain. Despite her prominent career, Taylor Rooks is known for maintaining a low profile when it comes to her personal life. Keep reading for more.

Who Is Jack Dorsey, Rumored Partner Of Taylor Rooks?

Jack Dorsey, born on November 19, 1976, at the age of 45, is a renowned American tech entrepreneur and philanthropist. He gained widespread recognition as one of the co-founders of Twitter and held the position of CEO until November 2021.

Taylor Rooks Husband: Is She Married Or Not?

Since February 2022, Dorsey has taken on the role of founder and CEO at Block, Inc., a financial payments company. His prosperous career in the business world has allowed him to accumulate an approximate net worth of $12 billion, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

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Public’s Response To Alleged Taylor Rooks And Jack Dorsey Relationship

As news of Taylor and Jack’s reported date began to circulate, many individuals took to Twitter to express their mixed emotions. One user commented, “Taylor Rooks and Jack Dorsey?!?! Bro, if this is true, we might need to organize another significant event because this is quite surprising.” Another user added, “Taylor Rooks has connections with Drake, Quavo, Michael B Jordan, and others, but she chose to spend time with Jack Dorsey 😭.”

Taylor Rooks Husband: Is She Married Or Not?

Despite some negative reactions, there were fans who appeared to be pleased with the rumored relationship. One user said, “Taylor Rooks is an exceptionally beautiful woman. She’s undoubtedly the most attractive female sports journalist. If she’s dating billionaire and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, that’s pretty amazing!”

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