Taylor Strecker Husband: Is She A lesbian Or Not?

Taylor Strecker, a prominent American radio personality and host, gained widespread recognition for her 11-year tenure as the anchor of the highly popular SiriusXM morning show, “Wake Up with Taylor.” Hailing from Cohasset, a quaint Boston suburb, Taylor was raised in a Catholic family, with her father being a Harvard University graduate.

During her time as the show’s host, she played a pivotal role in helping millions of listeners across the nation start their mornings. In June 2016, Taylor made a public revelation during her show “Wake Up With Taylor” about entering her first-ever romantic relationship with a woman, following her five-year marriage to a man.

In this article, we will delve into Taylor Strecker’s marital status and her sexual orientation, exploring her current relationship as well as her past romantic involvements.

Taylor Strecker’s Ex-Husband: The Reasons Behind Their Divorce

Taylor Strecker and Brett Epstein got engaged on December 13, 2014, and exchanged wedding vows on October 17, 2015. Their initial meeting took place at a Penn State lacrosse event.

Taylor Strecker Husband? Is She A lesbian Or Not?

Taylor Strecker later separated from Brett, and her romantic involvement shifted towards Tyler Donohue, a videographer and editor. Unfortunately, the specific date of Taylor and Brett’s separation remains undisclosed.

Taylor’s decision to divorce Brett Epstein stemmed from her realization that her interest in men and heterosexual relationships had waned. While her husband was not insistent about matters of intimacy, their marriage eventually unraveled.

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In 2016, Taylor Strecker crossed paths with Taylor Donohue, a fellow videographer. Despite initial feelings of envy due to Donohue’s striking appearance and height, they maintained their friendship. As their connection deepened, Taylor Strecker’s marriage to Brett faced significant challenges.

Taylor Strecker Coming Out As A Lesbian

When Taylor Strecker, the host of the daily talk show “The Taylor Strecker Show” on Patreon and the podcast “Taste of Taylor,” initially crossed paths with videographer and editor Taylor Donohue during a video shoot, it wasn’t a case of love at first sight. They shared the same name, which Strecker found “unforgivable” initially.

However, Strecker needed a videographer for her blog and decided to hire Donohue for the job. Over time, they formed a strong friendship and started developing romantic feelings for each other. Although Strecker had recently separated and had never experienced romantic feelings for a woman before, she decided to take a chance. Fortunately, that leap of faith paid off, and Taylor and Taylor fell in love.

Taylor Strecker Husband? Is She A lesbian Or Not?

After dating for five years, Strecker and Donohue chose an engagement date and went ring shopping together at Love Locked. On November 10, 2020, they each orchestrated a surprise proposal for the other. Strecker blindfolded Donohue and brought her to their favorite piano bar, Marie’s Crisis, where she got down on one knee. Donohue, on the other hand, decorated their roof deck and arranged for their old friend Ed McFarland to prepare a private dinner for them at their Jersey City apartment.

The couple decided to tie the knot on August 14, 2021, at Taylor Strecker’s parents’ home in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Strecker explains, “It was a no-brainer. During the pandemic, the Taylors were ‘stuck’ there for six weeks, so it became our second home, and we wanted to share this picturesque New England harbor with the rest of our family and closest friends.”

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Donohue adds, “We got engaged in November, so we only had nine months to plan. That said, with our hectic work schedules and our ‘it’s-just-a-dinner-party’ mindset, we only really kicked into high gear in the last six weeks. Despite that, they managed to keep it relatively stress-free, with only a few tense moments, thanks to their incredible couples therapist!”

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