Who Is Tim Moore’s Wife As He Is Accused Of Coercing State Employee Into Affair

Timothy Keith Moore, the current Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, is facing serious allegations in a lawsuit filed by Scott Lassiter, an assistant principal and member of the Wake County Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors. Lassiter claims that Moore had a secret affair with his wife, Jamie Liles Lassiter, which led to the dissolution of their marriage.

The lawsuit has ignited a heated legal battle, shedding light on North Carolina’s unique alienation of affection laws. As the case unfolds, both parties are preparing to present their evidence and defend their positions in court. In this article, we’ll take a closer look into the case and delve deeper into their personal life.

Know About Tim Moore’s Wife

Tim Moore, the Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, was previously married to Juli Moore. However, there is limited information available regarding the details or reasons behind their divorce. Tim Moore and Juli Moore have two sons together.

Who Is Tim Moore's Wife As He Is Accused Of Coercing State Employee Into Affair

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Know About The Lawsuit And Allegations Against Tim Moore

Scott Lassiter alleges that Tim Moore engaged in a secret affair with his wife for over three years, causing the “destruction” of their marriage. He has filed a lawsuit against Moore, claiming alienation of affection and seeking damages in excess of $25,000. Lassiter’s total damages from Moore and an unnamed man are estimated to be at least $200,000. To succeed in his lawsuit, Lassiter must prove several key elements, including the existence of a valid marriage with genuine love and affection, the alienation of that affection, and the role of Moore’s alleged wrongful and malicious behavior in causing the marriage’s dissolution.

Moore vehemently denies the accusations and labels the lawsuit as baseless. He asserts that he will vigorously defend himself against the allegations and pursue all available legal remedies. Moore’s attorney, Stacy Miller, expresses confidence in his client’s vindication and eagerly anticipates the courtroom proceedings.

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What Was Jamie Liles Lassiter’s Response?

The lawsuit provides specific details regarding the alleged affair between Jamie Liles Lassiter and Tim Moore. It asserts that the couple spent hours together at Moore’s residence and engaged in sexual intercourse after a dinner at Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Raleigh. Scott Lassiter claims that his wife confessed the affair the next morning and expressed fear of losing her job if she ended her relationship with Moore. He further alleges that he confronted Moore at a Biscuitville restaurant, where Moore admitted to the affair and offered assistance. Scott Lassiter also claims that Moore hired an individual to install a hidden camera on his property in an attempt to blackmail him, substantiating the claim with a photo of the alleged installer.

Who Is Tim Moore's Wife As He Is Accused Of Coercing State Employee Into Affair

Jamie Liles Lassiter, Scott’s wife, has come forward to deny the allegations made by her estranged husband. She claims that they have been separated for years, with a signed separation document in place. Jamie asserts that Scott has serious mental health and substance abuse issues, which she believes may have motivated him to file the defamatory lawsuit. She paints a picture of an abusive and turbulent marriage, suggesting that Scott’s actions are driven by anger and desperation as their divorce process nears its end.

North Carolina is one of only six states in the United States that still recognizes alienation of affection laws. These laws allow a spouse to sue a third party for interfering in their marriage and causing the alienation of affection. Critics argue that such laws are outdated and encroach upon personal freedom, while proponents claim they protect the sanctity of marriage and hold accountable those who contribute to its breakdown. The outcome of this case could have implications for the future of alienation of affection laws in North Carolina.

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