Tom Schwartz Reveals His New Girlfriend

Born on October 16, 1982, in Woodbury, Minnesota, USA, Tom Schwartz is recognized as an actor, notable for his roles in “Vanderpump Rules” (2013), “Stars on Mars” (2023), and “Basically Stassi” (2019). Following high school, he pursued pre-med studies at Florida State University before transitioning into modeling. Currently, his family resides in Florida.

Alongside his television appearances on “Vanderpump Rules” and “Winter House,” Tom is a co-owner of TomTom, which he shares with Lisa, Sandoval, and Ken Todd. Additionally, he co-owns Schwartz & Sandy’s with Sandoval, which debuted in 2022.

Currently, Tom Schwartz, from “Vanderpump Rules,” offered uncommon perspective into his fresh romance with Sophia Skoro during his appearance on The Viall Files. He also disclosed whether he feels prepared to embark on the journey of starting a family.

Aside from his Modelling career, fans are eager to know about his new girlfriend and about his ex wife Katie Maloney. In this article, we will explore his personal life and shedding light on his career and achievements.

Who is Tom Schwartz’s New Girlfriend, Sophia Skoro?

Tom Schwartz and Sophia Skoro’s relationship is on the brink of becoming official as their love continues to blossom.

During their appearance on “The Viall Files” podcast, released on April 16, Skoro, aged 23, expressed her desire to be in the perfect state of mind, saying, “I like to be very at ease.”

Tom Schwartz Reveals His New Girlfriend

Schwartz, aged 41, disclosed that they met unexpectedly at TomTom, the bar he co-owns with Tom Sandoval. Interestingly, Schwartz had made a personal commitment to remain single and focus on work for the next two years, but fate intervened when he crossed paths with Skoro.

Skoro took the initiative by complimenting Schwartz’s appearance while they were both at TomTom, leading to an exchange of phone numbers, albeit with a delay in communication.

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Schwartz praised Skoro for accepting him despite his flaws, describing her as “one of the coolest human beings on the planet” and “the most badass person alive.” He also admired her unconventional sense of humor and referred to her as “super successful” and “incredibly sharp.”

Tom Schwartz’s Career And His Ex Wife

During a 2016 interview with Bravo, Tom disclosed that he would have never pursued modeling if it weren’t for his friends Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor. Viewers witnessed Schwartz’s early modeling endeavors on the show, where he demonstrated particular skill in front of the camera.

Viewers of VPR may recall the early seasons, when Katie Maloney made persistent efforts to secure a job for her then-boyfriend, Tom, at her workplace. In Season 2 Episode 2, he endeavored to win over Lisa in hopes of securing a position at SUR.

Tom Schwartz Reveals His New Girlfriend

Tom and Katie initiated their relationship in 2011, with the highs and lows chronicled in the first two seasons of the show, even before Tom became a full cast member. Despite his infidelity, their journey was documented. In 2014, Tom presented Katie with a promise ring, much to her disappointment, before proposing in 2015.

Their wedding in August 2016 was televised on Vanderpump Rules during Season 5. However, complications arose with their initial wedding’s legality, leading to a second ceremony in July 2019, which aired during Season 8.

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In March 2022, the couple declared their separation due to “numerous issues” and concluded their divorce proceedings in October of the same year.

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