TommyInnit Says He Has A Girlfriend In YouTube Video

British Minecraft personality Thomas “Tom” Simons, aka TommyInnit or just Tommy, is well-known on YouTube and Twitch for his antics in the game. His grating but hilarious character helped propel him to popularity.

His success on both YouTube and Twitch can be attributed to the numerous Minecraft-related videos and live streams he makes, as well as his collaborations with other YouTubers and streamers in the Dream SMP.

TommyInnit Says He Has A Girlfriend In YouTube Video

Tommy told his audience in November 2022 that he has a girlfriend in a YouTube video. He also said that his friends have already met his girlfriend, but he hasn’t said who she is yet. Fans thought it was funny that when Tommy made his announcement, everyone’s first reaction wasn’t to congratulate him or anything, but to doubt him. Let’s find out more in this article.

TommyInnit Reveals He Has A Girlfriend In YouTube Video

Thomas “TommyInnit,” a popular Minecraft YouTuber, recently revealed his relationship status and debuted his partner in a video. Tommy called her “Em” and claimed she wanted her privacy. However, it’s highly improbable that she’ll show up in any more videos.

TommyInnit didn’t say how long they’ve been together. But it seems likely that they started dating in the last few months.

Em is visible and audible throughout the clip, but her face is obscured for privacy reasons. At one point in the video, Tommy hands a light-emitting device to his girlfriend, who is off-screen, and asks her to change the colors to prove that there was someone with him at that time.

TommyInnit also said that he was almost ready to upload (but didn’t) a 20 minute long heavily animated video about how he met his girlfriend and got his first kiss, which led to the present day. To silence his detractors and show that he did, in fact, have a girlfriend at this time, Tommy even put a plastic bag over his girlfriend’s head and brought her in front of the camera.

TommyInnit Says He Has A Girlfriend In YouTube Video

His alternate Twitter account served as a tease for the release of the explosive video, but many of his followers were quick to write it off as clickbait. Tommy made it very obvious that his girlfriend was not going to participate in his live feed any time soon.

TommyInnit explained in the end of his announcement video that he did it to be honest with his viewers. He yearned for a return to “normalcy” on his channel.

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Fans Reaction

When TommyInnit revealed that he has a girlfriend, fan reaction was mixed. Some of his followers even looked pleased and accepting of his new partner.

TommyInnit Says He Has A Girlfriend In YouTube Video

Some viewers even appreciated that TommyInnit didn’t force his partner to be on camera, saying it showed he cared about her well-being. Assuming the stans don’t make a huge issue out of it, they should be able to live their private lives in peace.

TommyInnit Says He Has A Girlfriend In YouTube Video

There are still many who question whether or not Tommy actually has a girlfriend or whether this is all part of an elaborate practical prank.

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His girlfriend’s decision to maintain her anonymity means that this news is unlikely to influence his future work. So neither his supporters nor his detractors need to be overly concerned.

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