Did Toni Collier Leave Her Husband?

Toni Collier is the visionary behind Broken Crayons Still Color, a global women’s ministry dedicated to guiding women through the journey from brokenness to hope. Renowned as a Speaker, Host, and the Author of “Brave Enough to be Broken,” Toni also serves as a Consultant, leveraging her expertise in creative marketing, leadership, student ministry, and strategic planning.

Her impactful presence extends to collaborations with esteemed organizations like North Point Community Church, TBN, Chick-fil-A, IF:Gathering, Orange Conference, MOPS International, and others, where she passionately shares her insights and empowers individuals and communities.

Beyond the details shared earlier, Toni Collier’s husband has become a focal point of attention. The public’s curiosity has been piqued due to Toni’s Instagram post addressing their divorce. In this article, we will delve into the content of Toni’s post, examining the circumstances surrounding their separation. Additionally, we will explore Sam’s perspective on the matter, as he, too, has shared his thoughts on the divorce. Towards the end, we will touch upon Toni Collier’s first marriage and provide insights into her family, including details about her children.

Toni Collier Husband: Exploring Instagram Post About Her Divorce

Toni Collier, a well-known personality, recently made a surprising revelation on her Instagram handle just 21 hours ago, on December 2, 2023. In a heartfelt post, she shared the challenging moment she is currently facing in her life. Despite the heartbreak, she maintains a sense of hope and gratitude for the kindness shown by God to her and her children.

Did Toni Collier Leave Her Husband?

In her post, Toni disclosed the decision to end her marriage with Sam, citing years of grappling with and enduring repeated instances of infidelity.

She expressed that, despite efforts at reconciliation and counseling, the recent discovery of further infidelity led her to the realization that the marriage was no longer sustainable or aligned with her faith.

Toni emphasized her need to step away from the stage and social media to focus on healing with her children. While expressing no desire to cause harm to Sam, she stressed the importance of safeguarding her own heart and the well-being of her children.

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She requested privacy during this challenging time and expressed gratitude for the anticipated prayers from well-wishers, concluding with a message of love.

More About Toni Collier’s Former Husband, Sam

He is also active on his Instagram handle and has shared updates about his divorce. In a recent post, he expressed regret for his earlier comments on the matter, acknowledging that they did not align with the leader he aspires to be or his genuine emotions.

Did Toni Collier Leave Her Husband?

He attributed those comments to being emotionally overwhelmed and experiencing intense anger over the past two months. He urged followers to read his statement above for a more accurate reflection of his feelings towards the situation and his family. He concluded by expressing gratitude for the love and support he has received.

Sam Collier serves as the Lead Pastor of Story Church Atlanta and is the visionary behind A Greater Story Ministries. This organization encompasses a nationally broadcasted interview series and podcast titled “A Greater Story with Sam Collier.” Additionally, he has established a partnership with Baker Publishing, which recently published his inaugural book, “A Greater Story.”

Learn More About Toni Collier’s Marriage Status

Toni Collier has experienced two marriages in her life. Her initial marriage took place at the age of 19, concluding in divorce after a two-year span. Her current and second marriage is with Sam Collier, who serves as the lead pastor of Hillsong Atlanta.

Together, they have cultivated a robust partnership that extends into both their personal and collective endeavors in ministry. Toni is renowned for her remarkable grace and strength, serving as a source of inspiration and support not only for her husband but also for the numerous individuals they have impacted through their unwavering dedication.

Did Toni Collier Leave Her Husband?

In 2022, Sam Collier publicly announced their decision to disassociate entirely from the high-profile, nondenominational megachurch, Hillsong. This decision followed the resignation of a legally embattled Houston amidst serious allegations of sexual misconduct.

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Sam shared this news on Instagram, expressing gratitude to the Hillsong family and acknowledging the support shown by the Houstons to both Toni and himself. Toni Collier, a mother of two, has a daughter named Dylan from her first marriage and a son named Sammie from her second marriage.

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