Know About Tudor Dixon’s Husband And Net Worth!

Tudor Dixon is a well-known conservative political commentator and businesswoman who made headlines when she ran for Governor of Michigan in the 2022 election. She is from Norton Shores and has worked in the steel business. Between 2008 and 2012, he was in horror movies and was a conservative commentator on “Real America’s Voice” on cable TV.

Dixon was born and raised in Illinois. She went to the University of Kentucky and got a bachelor’s degree in psychology. In 2002, she moved to Michigan after her recently deceased father, Vaughn Makary, bought the West Michigan Steel foundry in Muskegon at a bankruptcy sale and started running it as Michigan Steel.

While she may have lost the race to the incumbent Democrat, Gretchen Whitmer, Dixon’s career and personal life continue to garner attention. One aspect of her personal life that often piques people’s curiosity is her husband, Aaron William Dixon.

Who Is Tudor Dixon’s Husband, Aaron William Dixon?

Aaron William Dixon is a financial controller and the husband of Tudor Dixon. He is a private individual and has not been in the public eye as much as his wife, but he has been a supportive spouse and partner throughout her political and professional endeavors. The couple has four daughters together and has been married for several years.

Know About Tudor Dixon's Husband And Net Worth!

Before she entered the world of media and politics, Tudor Dixon was an executive at her father’s steel foundry. She also briefly acted in the late 2000s and early 2010s, appearing in low-budget horror films such as Transitions: The Series and Buddy BeBop vs the Living Dead. In 2017, Dixon co-founded Lumen Student News, a conservative-leaning news site that produced lessons for grade school students.

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In addition to her professional pursuits, Tudor Dixon is also a breast cancer survivor, having been diagnosed in 2015. She has been open about her experience and has used her platform to raise awareness about breast cancer and the importance of early detection.

Aaron William Dixon has been a steadfast support to his wife throughout her career and personal challenges. While he may not be in the public eye as much as his wife, his role as a husband and father is just as important.

Know About Tudor Dixon’s Net Worth

Tudor Dixon is a well-known American politician and a candidate for Michigan governor and has a net worth of about $1 Million. Her business is her main source of income, and she also runs for office. Her business also brings in a huge amount of money. If she becomes governor of Michigan, she wants to do something different for the state. Many MPs agree with what she wants to do.

Know About Tudor Dixon's Husband And Net Worth!

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Before she went into politics, Tudor worked in sales at her father’s company, Vaughan Makary’s steel company. She didn’t keep working because she wanted to be a conservative commentator. She is the host of “America’s Voice Live,” a weekly show on Real America’s Voice.

Dixon announced that she would run for governor of Michigan as a Republican on May 20, 2021. Betsy DeVos wrote a letter to Tudor asking him to support “the only one who can stand toe to toe with” Gretchen Whitmer. In response, Tudor got the support of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

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