Vittorio Assaf’s Wife: Finds Love With Aoki Lee Simmons

Vittorio Assaf, the Founder of Serafina Restaurant Group, hails from Milan, where he obtained a degree in Political Science followed by studies in Law at the University of Urbino. After eight years at the Milan Stock Exchange, he transitioned into the fashion industry.

In 1985, he introduced his innovative vision to New York City with Café Candiotti, featuring original Andy Warhol artwork, quickly becoming a beloved spot. Assaf’s relentless dedication and boundless passion shine through in all his endeavors, evident in the distinct cultural flair and culinary excellence of every Serafina Restaurant Group menu.

The tale of Vittorio Assaf’s entrepreneurial journey to a discussion about Vittorio Assaf’s Wife, particularly his romantic entanglements, we delve into the curiosity surrounding his relationship status. Amidst the intrigue, the spotlight shifts to his reported new connection with 21-year-old model Aoki Lee Simmons, shedding light on this aspect of Assaf’s life alongside other facets worth exploring.

Vittorio Assaf Wife: New Romance Alert

Aoki Lee Simmons, a 21-year-old model, is reportedly exploring a new relationship with Vittorio Assaf, the 65-year-old founder of Serafina Restaurant Group, as confirmed by PEOPLE. The couple is said to have met while vacationing in St. Barths, a favored destination for the Simmons family.

Aoki, the youngest daughter of Kimora Lee Simmons, 48, and Russell Simmons, 66, is carving her path in the fashion industry, following in her mother’s footsteps. From childhood, she has been involved in modeling for her family’s brands like Baby Phat and Just Fab, and in 2021, she made her runway debut for Pyer Moss Paris Couture.

Vittorio Assaf's Wife: Finds Love With Aoki Lee Simmons

Aoki has graced the covers of several magazines, including Teen Vogue, Rollacoaster, and Flaunt, and has been featured in prominent outlets such as Vogue, Huffington Post, The Cut, Essence, and Complex. She has collaborated with renowned fashion houses like Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, and Kate Spade.

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Recently, on April 3, 2024, Aoki was announced as the face of BCBG’s new capsule collection, BCBG New York, embodying modern femininity and a blend of fashion and post-graduate life, as highlighted by the brand in their statement.

Sea Survival Inspires Global Restaurant Success

The Italian restaurateur, one of the co-founders of Serafina Restaurant Group, teamed up with his friend Fabio Granato to develop their business idea during a harrowing experience at sea, as reported by Page Six. Stranded on a boat in Hampton Bays due to a snapped sail amidst strong winds, Assaf and Granato were rescued the following day by a helicopter.

Vittorio Assaf's Wife: Finds Love With Aoki Lee Simmons

This ordeal sparked their vision to offer the finest Italian pizza and pasta to the world in 1994. The following year, they inaugurated their inaugural restaurant, Serafina Fabulous Pizza, on New York City’s Upper East Side. Its success spurred the founders to expand the concept into a global chain across three continents.

Reflecting on his culinary journey, Assaf shared with Natfluence how he began cooking at a young age, learning from his grandmother’s dinner parties. Following his divorce from Swedish model Charlotte Bonstrom in 2021, who sought to remarry Thierry Gillier, Assaf briefly dated model Nya Gatbel.

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However, their relationship reportedly ended before Assaf’s health scare in 2023, during which he was hospitalized in Italy for a week.

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