Know About Whitney Cummings’ Husband As She May Try To Have A Baby ‘This Year’

Whitney Cummings is one of the most famous names in the entertainment business, and she has been known to wear many hats over the course of her long career. She acts, writes, produces, does stand-up comedy, and has her own podcast.

For the first time in 2016, 40-year-old Whitney discussed her decision to freeze her eggs. As far as Whitney Cummings is concerned, now is the time to have a family. She recently said in an interview that she might try to have a baby this year. Many are curious about her personal life after hearing her statement, specifically whether or not she is married and who her husband is. But unfortunately for her followers, she is still not married after being engaged to her ex-boyfriend, Miles Skinner. But in 2020 they’ll officially call it quits.

After that, she met her current boyfriend, Alex Barnes, and the two are now together and content. Their first encounter took place in a vet clinic. In this article, we’ll talk in-depth about how they got together.

Who Is Whitney Cummings’ Boyfriend?

Cummings met Alex Barnes when she was going through a tough time. She talked about how they met in an interview with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” in August 2021. The co-creator and writer of “2 Broke Girls” said that she was fostering a dog at home during the pandemic. Unfortunately, the dog she fostered didn’t get along with her other two dogs, a small one and a bigger one.

A fight between her dogs ensued. The actress thought about how her tiny dog had been the one who had been hurt the most. She took her little dog to the vet right away, despite the fact that it was dirty and had messy hair. She cried because no other vet clinic was willing to help her. When she got to Access Specialty Animal Hospital and met Barnes, he acted right away and saved the day, as well as her dog.

Know About Whitney Cummings' Husband As She May Try 'This Year' To Have A Baby

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She told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest in a funny way that she took a picture of Barnes with one hand while holding her hurt dog in the other. It looks like Barnes’ good looks distracted Cummings. She quipped: “I go to the vet all the time, and their offices are not this hot… He comes out, he’s really hot, I’m crying and sobbing, but all I can think is, “I have to take a picture of this guy and send it to Dan [Levy].”

Cumming also said that she and actor Dan Levy are good friends and that his critically acclaimed sitcom “Schitt’s Creek” reminded her of the charming character on the show, Veterinarian Ted.

Know About Whitney Cummings' Husband As She May Try 'This Year' To Have A Baby

It looks like Cummings and the young vet are a great match. In April 2021, she posted a picture to Instagram with her boyfriend making a funny face in the background. Barnes’s use of social media seemed to be very private.

Even though the famous comedian didn’t tag or mention her boyfriend’s name in the photo or caption, one of her Instagram followers recognized him and wrote, “Oh my god, it’s Dr. Barns! Hahaha 😂.”

During a stand-up comedy show in Anaheim, California, in November 2021, Cummings told her much younger boyfriend that she was “ready to propose” because she didn’t have time for him to make a big proposal.

Cummings is completely in love with Barnes, who likes to climb rocks and cares a lot about animals. After she broke up with Miles Skinner in 2020, she told her boyfriend about her plans to marry him.

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Does Whitney Cummings Have Kids?

During the interview of Today, Jenna Bush Hager and Willie Geist talked. During that time, Bush Hager asked the comedian, “You feel like you should be a mother. Are you giving it some thought?”

“Here’s the thing, though. I can have biological children whenever I want, so there’s no hurry, “Cummings, 40, said. “But I did freeze my eggs.”

Know About Whitney Cummings' Husband As She May Try 'This Year' To Have A Baby

“In Redondo, California, they live near a beautiful beach. They live on better land than I do. I do want to move them before the sea level rises and floods them, but I was planning to try to get pregnant this year.”

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