Who Is Abbie Cornish’s Boyfriend And What Is She Up To These Days?

Abbie Cornish used to be Australia’s “golden girl.” She was in a lot of popular movies, like the romantic drama Candy with Heath Ledger, Somersault, Bright Star, and Limitless, which got good reviews.

But Abbie seems to have fallen off the map in the last few years. In 2017, she left Australia for the bright lights of Hollywood and tried to start a full-fledged rap career under the mysterious name “MC Dusk.”

Abbie was last seen in the heartwarming American family movie Dakota, in which a single mother and her daughter adopt an ex-service dog to live on their farm.

Who Is Abbie Cornish's Boyfriend And What Is She Up To These Days?

Dakota came out in limited theaters in April of this year, but it didn’t get much attention from the media and got mostly bad reviews.

Other recent projects include the 2021 movie The Virtuoso, in which Abbie starred with Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins, and the 2019 Australian drama series Secret Bridesmaids Business.

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Is Abbie Cornish Dating Adel Altamimi?

She also announced her engagement to MMA fighter Adel Altamimi in 2019, telling Daily Mail Australia at the time: ‘We are both very very happy, as are our family and friends.

Who Is Abbie Cornish's Boyfriend And What Is She Up To These Days?

Cornish didn’t hide her feelings for Altamimi, 31, and often posted photos of him with sweet captions on social media. A few days after she told everyone she was getting married, she posted a picture of the athlete by himself and wrote, “You are the man of my dreams.”

The Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri actress at that time had also said on Instagram on Valentine’s Day that she was going to marry MMA fighter Adel Altamimi.

Cornish, 36, posted a close-up photo of her hand that showed off her beautiful engagement ring and wrote, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever. ❤️ You’ve made me fall in love with you, my love. I’ve been expecting you. Yes, that’s the answer!”

Who Is Abbie Cornish's Boyfriend And What Is She Up To These Days?

“And may God always hold us in his arms and share this light and love with us,” she said. “May this day be a blessing for you. We’ll always remember this anniversary! 😉 My fiance, happy Valentine’s Day!”

However, it is unclear whether the couple are still an item, as Adel has not been pictured on her Instagram feed in recent years.

Neither Abbie nor Adel follow each other on Instagram.

Since there has not been any further development in the story and also the couple has denied nor confirmed their relationship status, it appears that Abbie Cornish might be single at the moment.

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What Is Abbie Cornish Up To These Days?

Abbie’s role as Dr. Cathy Mueller in season four of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan might be the one people are most excited about.

In 2018, Abbie and John Krasinski both starred in the first season of the popular American drama, but her character was written out of seasons two and three.

But Dateline recently confirmed that Abbie will return to the franchise in the fourth season, which fans have been waiting for.

Who Is Abbie Cornish's Boyfriend And What Is She Up To These Days?

Abbie is an actress, but she is also a rapper and songwriter. She goes by the name MC Dusk when she performs.

The blonde accompanied the American rapper Nas on his 2015 tour of Australia. Among her songs are the singles “Key of the Sun” and “I’ll Be There for You.”

Abbie said that she had always wanted to work in the music business, but that she had to focus on movies to make money.

She said, “When my acting career took off, I worked so much that it paid the bills.”

“Music was still an important part of my life, but no one knew about it.”

Abbie worked with some of the biggest names in Australian hip hop when she made her first EP, Key of the Sun.

Way Back Home was produced by Suffa of Hilltop Hoods. It was first played on the radio on Triple J’s The Hip Hop Show.

Jane Tyrrell from The Herd will also be on their upcoming second single, Evolve.

In 2015, Abbie told people on Twitter how happy she was about her new job.

“Beautiful world at night. buzzing right now with so much love and energy. Here I come, dreams…, “she told me.

Abbie is best known for her acting, but in her late teens and early 20s, she was a member of the Australian hip hop group Blades.

Abbie likes to keep her private life private. On Instagram, she only shows glimpses of what she does every day.

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