Who Is Amanda Bynes’ Boyfriend? A Complete Timeline Relationship!

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael have experienced a lot of ups and downs since disclosing their love to the world in February 2020.

Given that she kept her personal life out of the spotlight to the extent that many people were unaware she was dating anyone, many were astonished when she announced she was engaged to Michael at the time.

Bynes’ conservatorship threatened to derail her wedding plans. Her mother, Lynn Bynes, has been her conservator since 2014. In February 2020, a source exclusively told Us Weekly, “Lynn believes Amanda is unable to make decisions regarding her care or treatment.” “Lynn will request that Amanda remain in a secure location.”

Who Is Amanda Bynes' Boyfriend?

Michael broke the news of the couple’s split three weeks after they announced their engagement. Amanda was sentenced to a mental health treatment center in March of 2020. She was claimed to have declined to check-in at the time.

According to Us Weekly, the actress’s first child with Michael will be due in March 2020. “Amanda is barely pregnant and ecstatic,” a source revealed.

Amanda had gone to an OBGYN practice earlier in the day. An eyewitness described her behavior while waiting with a friend as “excited.” “She kept a low profile and wore a casual outfit. Because the lobby was rather empty, no one bothered her.” Michael, on the other hand, did not show up for the meeting.

The Amanda Show alum’s lawyer told Us in March 2020 that she was “receiving treatment” for her “ongoing mental health concerns” while she was pregnant. Attorney David Esquibias claimed, “Any reports that Amanda is hooked to drugs or alcohol are completely false.” “We ask for privacy and an end to public and media speculation about Amanda’s personal life during this time so she can focus on getting healthier.”

Who Is Amanda Bynes' Boyfriend?

The Simple In addition to Michael, an actor had previously been linked to Frankie Muniz, Taran Killam, and Drake Bell. From their engagement to their breakup to the birth of their child, and everything in between, scroll down to witness Amanda’s whole relationship with Michael.

February 2020

On Valentine’s Day, the What a Girl Wants actress announced her engagement but did not reveal Michael’s identity. “Engaged to the love of my life,” she captioned an Instagram photo of her ring.

March 2020

Michael stated on March 8 that he and the All That alum had broken up three weeks after confirming their engagement. “We did,” he told In Touch. “However, I adore her and consider her a close friend.” According to a source at the time, she was “extremely unhappy about it and not taking it well at all.”

May 2020

David Esquibias, Bynes’ lawyer, confirmed to Us Weekly on May 4 that the former Nickelodeon star is not expecting a kid.

The Easy A star stated that she and Michael are still together in a life update she shared with followers. “Paul, my life partner, and I are still engaged.” “I hope you’re all having a good time!” She made an Instagram post on May 23. Amanda also revealed that she has spent the “last two months in treatment” and is taking online classes to get her bachelor’s degree at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

August 2020

Despite the fact that she was photographed wearing a wedding ring, Bynes’ lawyer confirmed to the Us that she and Michael were “not married.”

March 2022

After being officially released from her conservatorship, Bynes was photographed sporting a few new tattoos, including one that appeared to be dedicated to her boyfriend. Her wrist was imprinted in a gothic typeface with the name Paul.

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April 2022

The actress is “doing well” post-conservatorship, according to a source who spoke exclusively to Us. “She eats well, exercises often, and is always busy,” the source claimed. “Amanda keeps herself busy by volunteering at various rehab facilities. She is passionate about giving back and has been greatly impacted by the selfless help she has gotten and continues to receive during her sober journey.

The pair “have a fantastic group of acquaintances who come over for meals, hikes, and hangouts,” according to a source. According to a source close to her, she keeps in touch with her parents, who have tried “not to smother her” during her rehabilitation.

Who Is Amanda Bynes' Boyfriend?

Amanda and Paul, according to a source, are committed to staying together. “She insists that he is her boyfriend. He’s the love of her life and the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.”

Amanda stunned her admirers when she accused Michael of engaging in inappropriate internet behavior.

She stated on Instagram, “Paul told me he stopped taking his medicines.” It belonged to his mother. He shattered her photographs and hid salmon beneath her bed. “I’m scared of what he’s going to do.”

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She also claimed Michael was under the influence of narcotics, which she later denied. Her boyfriend denied all charges on his now-deleted Instagram account.

Amanda ejected Michael, and the cops were summoned, according to Us. After being caught packing on the PDA that day, they appeared to mend fences.

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