Who Is Bobby Lytes Dating? Who Will Win The Show And Be Bobby’s Boyfriend?

Trina’s cousin Bobby Nico Wade is a rapper, and he is openly gay. Bobby Lytes is his stage name. When he joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop in Miami, that’s when people first heard of him. Raymond Harper, who became famous after appearing on the Catfish spin-offs Catfish: Trolls and Divorce Court, is also there. “Rolling Ray” is his online stage name.

Bobby I Love You, Purrr is a reality TV show about LGBT people who are dating. The show stars Bobby Lytes and Rolling Ray, who is known for his viral videos. The show is made by Lytes, Ray, and Jason Lee from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Who Is Bobby Lytes dating? Who Will Win The Show And Be Bobby's Boyfriend?

Reality star Bobby Lytes recently broke up with his boyfriend because he let him down in public. This is the story of the show. Now, he’s looking for the right person to love.

Bobby is ready to share his life with someone again, so he asked his friends and Executive Producers Rolling Ray and Jason Lee to help him find love in this new dating competition series. Rolling Ray and Bobby Lytes recently put aside their differences and worked together to help Bobby find love. 15 people want to meet Bobby and fall in love with him.

People who watch the show want to know who Bobby Lytes is dating. So, we’ll find out if Lytes is dating someone or if he’s still single. We’ll also try to figure out who is Bobby’s best match and will win the show in the end.

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Who Is Bobby Lytes Dating: Does He Have A Boyfriend?

As for his current boyfriend, Bobby Lytes seems to be single and not seeing anyone. So far, no one has gotten together because of him being on the show. But we can’t forget that it’s a show, so there’s a good chance Bobby hasn’t shown his romantic side to the public yet, even if he has in real life.

Who Is Bobby Lytes dating? Who Will Win The Show And Be Bobby's Boyfriend?

Bobby Lytes hasn’t sent anyone any silly pictures of himself on social media in the last few months. The TV star has also never been seen with anyone in public, whether it was for a stroll or a date. To put it another way, Bobby didn’t do anything to make us think he was seeing someone. From all of this, it’s safe to say that Bobby Lytes is not dating anyone right now.

Who Will Win Bobby I Love You, Purrr?

As the end of the series draws near, Bobby Lytes may soon no longer be single. Most people have already decided that Andre is the best person for Bobby to be with. Andre was the best partner Bobby could have asked for.

But many people think that Island Boy will win in the end because Bobby is too proud to make up with his ex-girlfriend in front of the whole country.

Who Is Bobby Lytes dating? Who Will Win The Show And Be Bobby's Boyfriend?

Hercules isn’t a good match for Lytes because he and Bobby have nothing in common, nothing to talk about, and Hercules won’t break up with his girlfriend.

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Island Boy is immediately disqualified by how corny he is.

And since Cash is too scared to cross water, Bobby’s way of life is automatically disqualified because he lives on land.

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