Who Is Bobby Lytes Ex-Boyfriend? All You Need To Know About Andre Marhold

Rapper Bobby Nico Wade, also known by his stage as Bobby Lytes, is Trina’s openly gay cousin. He originally gained notoriety when he joined the Miami cast of Love & Hip Hop. Raymond Harper, often known online by his stage moniker “Rolling Ray,” first gained notoriety for his appearances on the Catfish spin-off Catfish: Trolls and Divorce Court.

Bobby I Love, Purrr is an LGBT dating show on reality TV that stars Bobby Lytes and Rolling Ray, who is known for his viral videos. The show’s executive producers are Lytes and Ray, as well as Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’s Jason Lee.

The show is about reality star Bobby Lytes, who recently broke up with his boyfriend after he let him down in public. He is now looking for the right person to fall in love with. There are 15 people competing for a chance to fall in love with Bobby.

After his ex-boyfriend let him down in public, reality star Bobby Lytes decided to be single and work on his dreams of becoming an entertainer. Now that Bobby is ready to share his life with someone again, he has asked his friends and Executive Producers Rolling Ray and Jason Lee to help him find love in this new dating competition series. Rolling Ray and Bobby Lytes recently set aside their disagreements to work together to support Bobby in finding love.

Fans of the show are wondering who is Bobby Lytes’ ex-boyfriend. So we will cover everything you need to know about Bobby Lytes’ ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold.

Who Is Bobby Lytes’ Ex-Boyfriend Andre Marhold?

Andre Marhold, Bobby Lytes’ ex-boyfriend, appeared on “Bobby I Love You Purrr” to win Bobby’s heart.

Marhold is an international basketball player who lives in Atlanta and was born on August 06, 1990. From 2009 to 2013, he was a small forward at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, where he showed how good he was.

Who Is Bobby Lytes Ex-Boyfriend? All You Need To Know About Andre Marhold

Heavy” says that the NBA hopeful went on to play for SKN St. Polten in Austria for the 2013-2014 season. He then played for the Giessen 46ers in the Basketball Bundesliga league in 2015. After a year, he became a member of the SG-Luetzel Koblenz.

Barstool Sports said that Marhold’s career after college wasn’t very good. Real GM even claims Marhold went into the 2013 NBA draft, but no team chose him.

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Bobby Lytes Was Criticized For Dating Andre Marhold

During the early stages of their relationship, Lytes and Marhold were often seen together, and their social media posts gave a strong hint of how close they were. It is said that Marhold is dating Bobby Lytes, who was on the popular reality show. Even at Lytes’ birthday party, the two were seen together. When rumors started to spread that Lytes and Marhold were dating, Lytes’ followers and fans called him “messy” for dating Marhold.

Who Is Bobby Lytes Ex-Boyfriend? All You Need To Know About Andre Marhold

Marhold is a former basketball player who has a son from a previous relationship. When he was with Star, the mother of his son posted on social media about how hurt she was that Marhold was no longer with her. Lytes posted a video on Instagram to respond to all the negative comments about the fact that Marhold has a son and used to date Star.

In a video posted by Hollywood Unlocked, he said, “Me and Andre, we’re cool.” “There’s no name on anything. I’m also a very polite person, which is something else you should know about me. I don’t come to bring drama. I don’t break up families.” Marhold and Lytes kept going bowling together, and they even posted a racy video of themselves in a pool. He also posted a picture of them with a comment that seemed to poke fun at Star. “MIA was great!” He added an emoji of a shooting star to show that he was not worried about anything. Since then, he has taken out the last part.

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Bobby Lytes’ Ex-Boyfriend Andre Marhold Has A Son And Was Possibly Married

When Marhold was dating Jeffree Star a few years ago, Emmanuella Chartol, who says she is the mother of Marhold’s son, talked about how sad she was that they broke up soon after Star posted their first photos together.

Who Is Bobby Lytes Ex-Boyfriend? All You Need To Know About Andre Marhold

Followers thought Chartol was Marhold’s ex-wife, but she hasn’t said for sure that the two were married. Star tweeted in response to people who said he took a married man away from his family: “I don’t hang out with married men. I won’t say it again, so please read it twice. The public can find out about marriage licenses. Not everyone has common sense.

Andre Marhold Was Accused By His Ex Jeffree Star Of Robbing

In 2020, Jeffree Star said that Andre Marhold had robbed him on Instagram. He posted a picture of himself and Andre Marhold with the words:

“Hey! Since you can’t answer the phone right now, can you give me all the stuff back that you stole from my house?? What kind of lowlife f***ing scum does that? Give it back!!!! If you need return label, just ask [laughing Emojis].”

Who Is Bobby Lytes Ex-Boyfriend? All You Need To Know About Andre Marhold

Jeffree Star put a video online and kept talking about what he said was wrong with his ex-boyfriend.

But Andre Marhold went on his own Instagram page and said that what Jeffree Star said was not true.

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