Who is Brad Pitt Dating in 2022? Everything You Need To Know

Brad has always been a hot issue in Hollywood. He is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most handsome men.

After his divorce from Angelina Jolie, people began to associate him with a slew of women. They also want to know who Brad Pitt’s girlfriend will be in 2022.

There is an internet rumor that Brad and Andra Day are dating, but this is not true. Andra Day, a 36-year-old singer and actor, is not well-known in the music or film industries.
Andra Day attended the BET Awards in 2021 and told Entertainment Tonight, “Oh my god, child, especially given we have never met.”

Who is Brad Pitt Dating in 2022? Everything You Need To Know

Andra’s reply to the dating rumors about her and Brad indicates that they are not currently in a relationship. Brad is still fighting with Angelina Jolie over custody of their children.

Now comes the question of who Brad Pitt is dating. We have acquired new information on this topic and will share it with you.

Nicole Poturalsk, a German model, and singer Andra Day names were mentioned several times.

Who is Lisa Stelly? The Newly Rumored GF of Brad Pitt at the End of 2021?

Brad Pitt is now in a relationship with Lisa Stelly. She is the ex-wife of Jack Osbourne. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s son is Jack Osbourne.

Lisa and Osbourne split in March 2019 and were served with divorce papers on March 5. From their six-year relationship, the couple has three daughters.


They were spotted at the Bel Air Hotel in October 2021. According to the study, there is a 99 percent chance that a tipster spotted Brad Pitt with Lisa Stelly at the Bel-Air Hotel and reported it on the pop culture website Deuxmoi.

He also claimed to have seen them sitting in a secluded booth.

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Who’s Nicole Poturalsk and how did she and Brad Break-up?

During the lockdown last year in 2020, Pitt was dating a 28-year-old German model named Nicole. In August, they were sighted together.

They met in Paris for a vacation; Nicole flew from Berlin to Charles de Gaulle Airport, and Brad flew from LAX.

They then got back into the same car and drove to another airport for their next flight. This couple attempted everything they could to keep their dating life a secret, but they couldn’t make it work.

Furthermore, Nicole made multiple Instagram posts implying that she was in love.

We don’t know who she was writing about because her posts didn’t clearly reference a name.

People noticed after a few months that there was nothing substantial going on between them, but they did date for a few months.

This couple split up at the end of 2020. Emil, Poturalski’s seven-year-old son, is his only child. So, with everything going on in 2020, no one was talking about this couple.

Brad Pitt Girlfriend Rumor in Early 2021: 

Andra Day, a 36-year-old singer and actor, has been linked to the Fury actor. However, she is not well-known in the music or acting industries.

The word went around that she and Brad swapped phone numbers during the Oscars in 2021.

“Oh, my word, child, especially given we’ve never met,” Andra Day, the ‘Rise Up’ singer, stated to “Entertainment Tonight” while attending the 2021 BET Awards. In this post, she tagged Pitt.

“So I was like, ‘Oh, okay.'” My sister actually called me afterward and asked, ‘Did you meet Brad Pitt?’ ‘I guess so,’ I responded. ‘I suppose we did.'”

See how Andra reacted to the relationship rumors. Furthermore, they were never seen together, so how could it be true?

That could be why he isn’t involved with anyone right now. We sometimes read unconfirmed rumors, but she stepped forward and cleared everything up for us.

Who is Brad Pitt’s dating in 2022?

Brad Pitt is not in a relationship and is not dating anyone seriously right now, but he seems to be hanging out with an artsy group in Los Angeles and “living his best life.”

In October of last year, he broke his previous relationship with Nicole Poturalski, a German model. However, as of this writing in 2022, there are no rumors of him dating anyone.

In December 2020, he was rumored to be dating Lady Gaga, but they dispelled the rumor, insisting it was ‘completely false.’

Is Brad Pitt back with Jennifer Aniston in 2022?

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are not reuniting. Jeniffer speaks about her close friendship with Brad Pitt since their divorce in 2005.

The couple is still in contact with one another. Brad Pitt recently expressed his condolences to Jennifer at her father’s death, which Jennifer greatly appreciated.

It’s best to forget about the dating rumors for the time being. We’ll know the name of Brad Pitt’s girlfriend in 2022, and we’ll update this page once we know.

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