Who Is Briana Dejesus Dating? Know All About Her New Boyfriend Bobby Scott

The uncrowned empress of scandals is stirring things up once again. On the episode of “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” airing October 18, Briana DeJesus introduced her new lover, and her co-stars recognized him immediately.

On July 19, 2022, Briana announced her relationship with Bobby Scott via Instagram.

The cast and crew of Teen Mom 2 and the show’s fans both had strong initial responses to the news. Why? Former show security guard Bobby used to work there.

Briana DeJesus, Bobby Scott

The cast members of the show seem to have a problem with Briana’s relationship with Bobby. Read On For Everything You Need To Know About Briana DeJesus’ New Boyfriend, Bobby Scott.

Briana DeJesus Reveals New Boyfriend, Bobby Scott

On the October 18 episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Briana DeJesus startled viewers by admitting she had been secretly dating a bodyguard. But this isn’t just any bodyguard; this is Catelynn Lowell’s! Briana announced his identity as “Bobby Scott” after returning from a birthday trip for cast member Amber Portwood.

The cast of Teen Mom: Family Reunion was thrilled for Briana, but no one was more shocked than Catelynn, who had previously stated that Bobby served as her bodyguard. Briana claimed that she saw him on set of the show and made a pass at him right away. Lucky for her, he felt the same way and the two are now an item. Her mother warned her against rushing into the relationship, but she nevertheless went to a concert in Detroit to see him. Considering Bobby is 42 and Briana is only 28, that’s a big difference.

After DeJesus began dating Scott, she went on a girls’ trip with the rest of the cast without telling them about their relationship. She hadn’t been ready to tell her mother, Roxanne DeJesus, that they were dating until they went on a stroll together.

Roxanne was curious about Scott and DeJesus’ relationship, but she quickly became skeptical after learning that Scott is 15 years older than her daughter. She informed her little girl, “You’re a baby.”  “What’s up with that?”

DeJesus is from Orlando, Florida, whereas Scott resides in Detroit, Michigan, therefore distance also plays a role in their relationship.

Scott, unlike DeJesus’ ex-girlfriends, is fine with appearing on camera. Scott and DeJesus first met because of their shared love of television. While filming an episode of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion,” she ran into him. While DeJesus is frequently seen on screen, Scott works primarily behind the scenes.

All You Need To Know About Briana DeJesus’ New Boyfriend, Bobby Scott

It seems that Bobby met Briana when he was a security guard on the set of Teen Mom. When the producers found out that Briana and Bobby were dating, the entire security staff was fired, according to The Ashley.

A source revealed more about how Briana and Bobby met and how their relationship grew. They also said that Bobby used to be the security guard for the shoots of Briana’s fellow Teen Mom stars Catelyn Lowell and Maci Bookout. “Bobby used to do security for Catelynn and Maci’s shoots, but he met Briana when she came to San Diego to film Teen Mom Family Reunion last year,” a source said. “That’s when they met for the first time, but nobody knew about it at the time.

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One of Briana’s mysterious Instagram posts was where Bobby was first mentioned.

The above black-and-white Instagram post showed Briana caressing the back of a man’s head, which was later said to be Bobby’s. “My baby,” she wrote in the caption. It made a lot of Teen Mom fans think about who it could be, and many wondered who it could be. Some people also talked about the fact that they are over 10 years apart in age.

Briana DeJesus’ Boyfriend Bobby May Still Be Getting Paid By MTV

Even though he may have lost his job as a security guard because he started dating Briana, Bobby may be getting paid for being on the show. Since he is now in front of the camera, he could get paid as a cast member instead of a crew member. It’s not clear how long Bobby will be on the show, but how much, if anything, he would get paid would depend on that.

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