Who Is Chip Kelly’s Wife? He Leaves UCLA For Ohio State

Chip Kelly, the head coach at UCLA, has been appointed as the new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Ohio State, as announced by the school on Friday night (Feb 9).

Ohio State’s significant hiring decision follows the departure of their former offensive coordinator, Bill O’Brien, who left to take on the head coaching role at Boston College earlier in January. The selection of Chip Kelly as his replacement has stirred mixed reactions among fans, leaving them divided over the direction and prospects of the Buckeyes in college football.

Transitioning to an exploration of Chip Kelly’s personal life, interest has been piqued not only by his professional endeavors but also by his relationships with his wife and children. In this post, we delve into both aspects, offering a comprehensive look at his personal and professional journey.

Who Is Chip Kelly Married To?

Chip Kelly, the coach at UCLA, was married to Jennifer Jenkins, whom he met during their senior year at New Hampshire College. Their relationship grew stronger for three years in college. However, after being married for seven years, they decided to separate in 1999.

Who Is Chip Kelly's Wife? He Leaves UCLA For Ohio State

Despite ending their marriage, they remained good friends. Since then, Jennifer Jenkins has pursued her entrepreneurial endeavors, focusing on providing healthcare solutions for people dealing with everyday illnesses.

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Is Chip Kelly Currently Dating Anyone?

As per various sources, Chip Kelly is currently in a relationship with Jill Cohen, which has been a significant aspect of his life since 2015. There’s a notable age gap between them, with Chip being 18 years older than Jill.

Who Is Chip Kelly's Wife? He Leaves UCLA For Ohio State

Jill Cohen graduated from the University of Oregon in 2004, making her around 34 years old. Her ties to the university extend beyond her education as she is the daughter of one of the school’s prominent “boosters,” who are known for their financial contributions and support to the institution.

Chip Kelly Bid Farewell To UCLA And Joins Ohio State For Offensive Coordinator Jo… Why?

On February 9, 2024, Chip Kelly bid farewell to UCLA after a six-season stint to take on the role of offensive coordinator at Ohio State. His decision followed reports of unsuccessful interviews for coordinator positions in the NFL. Kelly’s move to Ohio State came as a replacement for Bill O’Brien, who departed to assume the head coaching position at Boston College.

This transition marked a reunion between Kelly and Ryan Day, with Day having previously worked under Kelly in New Hampshire, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. It is anticipated that Kelly will take charge of play-calling duties for the Buckeyes.

Who Is Chip Kelly's Wife? He Leaves UCLA For Ohio State

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Despite the financial incentives, including a $6 million salary and a $4 million buyout, Kelly opted for the opportunity at Ohio State, especially after his reported interest in NFL coordinator positions didn’t materialize.

The departure of Bill O’Brien from Ohio State to Boston College created the opening for Kelly. While Ohio State will pay him well, it’s significantly less than what he would have received by staying at UCLA. Kelly’s move suggests a desire to avoid an inevitable departure from UCLA and explore new opportunities, despite financial considerations.

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