Who Is Demi Bagby’s Boyfriend In 2022?

Demi Brooke Bagby (born January 10, 2001) is a CrossFit athlete, bodybuilder, motivational speaker, YouTuber, social media celebrity, entrepreneur, and model from the United States. Her YouTube channel rose to prominence after she began posting really challenging exercise routines.

Bagby is currently one of the most well-known fitness influencers and celebrities in the world, but she had to fight through a number of formidable challenges to get where she is today.

A YouTube video she posted in 2014 detailed how she hurt her back in a cheerleading accident. Three months of paralysis resulted from the accident and subsequent life-saving surgery. She started physical treatment and her road to recovery gradually. After Demi’s health returned to normal, she wasted no time in recommitting to her goal of becoming more flexible, strong, and healthy. Demi has a strong online profile because she broadcast her rehabilitation on television and the internet. On Instagram, she has somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.6 million followers.

Who Is Demi Bagby's Boyfriend In 2022?

Fans are curious to know who is Demi Bagby dating so in this article we would discuss who is her boyfriend.

Who Is Demi Bagby Dating: Is Donald De La Haye Jr Her Boyfriend?

When Donald De La Haye Jr, better known by his online pseudonym Deestroying, featured Bagby in some of his content, speculations began to circulate that the two were dating. Social media stars Demi Bagby and Donald De La Haye Jr. are both known for their incredible physiques.

He grew to respect her as an athlete when she was included in some of his content and proved she could hold her own against his.

Who Is Demi Bagby's Boyfriend In 2022?

Many people speculated that Donald De La Haye Jr. and Bagby were an item after seeing Bagby in several of his videos. They have complementary personalities, and De La Haye has openly acknowledged a preference for a physically strong lady who can compete with him in athletic challenges.

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Fan speculation that Bagby and De La Haye were dating was sparked by viral videos, however, the two have never been seen together in any context outside of work.

Fans, however, have continued to speculate and will continue to do so until one side or the other makes a definite statement. Until there is an official statement, it’s safe to assume that Demi Bagby does not have a boyfriend or has not made him public.

The social media star isn’t particularly private about her life, but she hasn’t talked about romance on any of her channels. She appears to be preoccupied with spreading her material and does not provide any in-depth glimpses into her life beyond social media.

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What Is Demi Bagby’s Net Worth?

Demi Bagby has an estimated net worth of $2-3 million as of 2022. Just like a lot of other “influencers,” she’s made a lot of money through social media. Bagby has an enormous online following across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

The content creator’s primary source of money is not from Youtube or TikTok, which pay them to create video on their channel, but rather from the many collaborations she has done. She has recently collaborated with the Radford Racing School.

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