Who Is Gary Lineker’s Girlfriend? Complete Biography, Relationship Details!

Gary Winston Lineker OBE born 30 November 1960) is an English sports broadcaster and former professional footballer. He is considered one of England’s best strikers. He began his media career with the BBC, where he has hosted the flagship football show Match of the Day since the late 1990s, the longest tenure of any MOTD host.

Lineker also serves as the BBC’s primary presenter for live football matches, including international tournament coverage. He has also worked for Al Jazeera Sports, Eredivisie Live, NBC Sports Network, and the UEFA Champions League coverage on BT Sport.

Is Gary Lineker Dating Anyone?

Gary Lineker has stopped dating because he can’t be bothered to get to know potential love prospects beyond flirting, and he has also lost interest in women.

The 60-year-old sports pundit has already been married twice: to Michelle Cockayne, 55, from 1986 to 2006, and to Welsh actress Danielle Bux, from 2009 to 2016.

Who Is Gary Lineker's Girlfriend?

Gary has four boys from his first marriage: 29-year-old George, 27-year-old Harry, 25-year-old Tobias, and 23-year-old Angus.

Gary claims he doesn’t want any more marriages, and it appears that dating will be out of the question for the former football star.

“I went on a date a few months ago,” he added. You might meet someone now and again — certainly not in the last couple of years due to the pandemic — but I’ve always found it difficult.

“I have dates now and again, but I always make it apparent that I’m not interested.” So I’m in a foul mood. I’m not interested in leading somebody up the garden path. I know it seems selfish, but I’m perfectly content on my own.

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“I have nice friends, I have my kids, I enjoy cooking, and I really don’t want to sleep with anyone else.” That need lessens as you get older, and your testosterone levels drop. It is simply unimportant.

“I enjoy flirting, going on dates, kissing, and cooking for other people, but that’s about all I want to do.” I’m not sure

Past Relationship

On September 2, 2009, Lineker married Danielle Bux in Ravello, Italy. On ITV’s Mr and Mrs, they went on to win £30,000 for charity. After six years of marriage, Lineker and Bux announced their divorce on January 13, 2016, citing Gary’s desire for additional children as the reason.

Lineker was best man at snooker star Willie Thorne’s wedding in 1985, and their strong friendship was documented in the VHS documentary Best of Friends – The Official Story of Gary Lineker & Willie Thorne.

Lineker appeared on the genealogical show. in 2013 when he uncovered one ancestor who worked as a poacher and another who worked as a court clerk.

Who Is Gary Lineker's Girlfriend?

Lineker was implicated in the Paradise Papers in November 2017 in connection with a tax avoidance scheme involving Barbados property and a British Virgin Islands corporation.

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Lineker is a supporter of foreign language education in schools and speaks Spanish, which he learned while playing for FC Barcelona.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020, Lineker declared that he will donate £140,000 to the British Red Cross for viral research.

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