Who Is Ian Cole’s Wife? Why Ian Has Been Suspended?

The Tampa Bay Lightning suspended defenseman Ian Cole pending an inquiry into allegations posted on social media that he s**ually molested a woman when she was a kid.

The Lightning said Sunday night that they were completely cooperating with the NHL in their investigation and had decided to suspend Cole until additional information was obtained. It’s the latest off-ice controversy to shake hockey and call the sport’s culture into question.

“Our organization takes these claims extremely seriously,” the squad said in a statement. “No members of the organization, including players, will speak further at this time.”

Cole, in a statement released by agent Kevin Magnuson, said he totally denies the claims and would assist the league, team, and their legal departments in the upcoming inquiry.

“I take the charges made against me today in an anonymous tweet extremely seriously,” Cole stated. “I look forward to clearing my name and proving to the NHL and the Tampa Bay Lightning that these charges are false.”

Earlier Sunday, Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly informed The Associated Press that the league had initiated an investigation. Daly also stated that the league was unaware of the claims until they were shared on social media.

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People are curious about Ian’s personal life after the controversy. One of the most important questions is, who is Ian’s wife? Let us investigate this.

Meet Jordan Rockwell, Ian’s Wife

Jordan Rockwell (Jordan Cole) met Ian Cole, an ice hockey defenceman, in college. Jordan earned a BBA, in Management Entrepreneurship, and Theology from the University of Notre Dame-Mendoza College of Business in 2011.

Who Is Ian Cole's Wife? Why Ian Has Been Suspended?

The pair, like any other, got off to a terrific start. Ian Cole joined the Pittsburgh Penguins in March 2015. The Penguins cemented Cole’s future in Pittsburg with a three-year contract for $6.3 million, which he signed on June 29, 2015, and only two days before signing his agreement, he married his college love Jordan Rockwell. In 2020, the couple welcomed a healthy baby boy.

Ian Has Already Faced Infidelity Allegations In Past

Ian Cole, who is happily married to Jordan Rockwell, has previously been accused of infidelity. In July, the ice hockey defenceman was accused of having an affair with Carolina Hurricanes reporter and writer Abby Labar while married to Jordan Rockwell. The duo was frequently photographed together.

Who Is Ian Cole's Wife? Why Ian Has Been Suspended?

Despite this, there was no evidence to back up the charges, which were eventually dismissed as rumors spreading like wildfire on Twitter. Despite the fact that Abby’s fiance apparently called off the wedding due to accusations of adultery.

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Recent Infidelity Allegations Against Ian Cole

Due to a recent serious s**ual assault allegation against him, Ian is temporarily suspended while the NHL looks into the claim. On October 7, an anonymous user named Emily Smith3333 claimed that the Michigan native had assaulted her when they were both in high school.

Who Is Ian Cole's Wife? Why Ian Has Been Suspended?

Cole allegedly forced the accuser to have s*x “even though I made it very plain I did not want to,” the accuser stated. According to the customer, Cole spent four years grooming her and wouldn’t accept no for an answer. She claims that while Cole had been in the NHL for a while and she was still a child, they had their first s**ual encounter.

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