Who Is Jeff Bagwell’s Wife? Know About Bagwell’s Ex-Wives!

Jeffrey Robert Bagwell was born on May 27, 1968. He played first base for the Houston Astros for his entire Major League Baseball career. After he stopped playing, he stayed with the Astros as an assistant to the GM.

Bagwell was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but he spent his childhood in Killingworth, Connecticut. He went to Xavier High School in Middletown, Connecticut, which was a private Catholic school for boys only. There, he did well in both soccer and baseball.

His former coaches said that he was a better soccer player than a baseball player, but that he was a great athlete in general. He stayed in Connecticut after high school and went to college at the University of Hartford.

People are more interested in his personal life than in his work life. So, here we are to give you something to drink.

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Who Is Jeff Bagwell’s Wife?

Rachel Bagwell is Jeff Bagwell’s wife right now. In 2011, the couple got married. The couple has five children.

Who Is Jeff Bagwell's Wife? Know About Bagwell's Ex-Wives!

Rachel Brown(now Bagwell), Jeff’s current girlfriend, was once married to Michael Brown, but they split up in 2009. She said why they were getting a divorce.

She said that Michael choked her and threatened to kill her, threw her down the stairs in front of their children, chased her around the house with a gun, broke a glass door, tried to hire hit men to kill two different people, and drank all the time.

But her ex-husband said that these claims were not true. Dr. Michael Brown was the owner and founder of Brown Hand Center in the Greater Houston area

Know About Jeff Bagwell’s Ex-Wife

Bagwell was married to Shaune Bagwell, an American fashion model, and performer, on November 14, 1992. The two people broke up on July 2, 1996.

Who Is Jeff Bagwell's Wife? Know About Bagwell's Ex-Wives!

Jeff Bagwell got divorced from Shaune and married Ericka Rodriguez on October 26, 1997. Blake and Bryce Bagwell are Jeff and Ericka’s two children. In 2012, they split up. Jeff did not tell anyone about his breakup with Ericka.

Jeff Is The Father Of Five Children

Before he married Rachel, Jeff already had two children from a previous relationship with Ericka Bagwell. Their names are Blake and Bryce. Additionally, Rachel Bagwell is a mother to three children from a previous marriage. Everyone in the family is in a good mood. There haven’t been any rumblings about a falling out or a split up.

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Know About Jeff Bagwell’s Net Worth

Jeff Bagwell is a well-known American professional baseball player and coach with a net worth of $65 million. On May 27, 1968, Jeff Bagwell came into the world. He spent his whole Major League Baseball career playing first base for the Houston Astros.

Who Is Jeff Bagwell's Wife? Know About Bagwell's Ex-Wives!

However, the Red Sox picked him up in the fourth round of the draft in 1989 before he was traded. This turned out to be bad for the Red Sox, and many people remember it as the second-worst trade in Red Sox history, after sending Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees. In 1994, he was named the Most Valuable Player of the National League.

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