Who Is Jessie J’s Boyfriend? She Is Expecting Her First Child After A Miscarriage

Jessie J announced her pregnancy more than a year after suffering a terrible miscarriage.

The 34-year-old singer announced her pregnancy in a heartfelt Instagram video set to her song “Sunflower” on Friday. She wrote in the caption, “I am so happy and terrified to finally share this…Please be gentle with me 🫂Honestly, ya girl just wants to ugly cry in public in a catsuit eating a chocolate-covered pickle with no questions asked 🤸🏻‍♂️”

The thrilling news comes more than a year after the British pop singer said she lost a pregnancy in November 2021, after she decided to try to get pregnant on her own.

Who Is Jessie J's Boyfriend? She Is Expecting Her First Child After A Miscarriage

After hearing that Jessie J is expecting a child, people are curious to know about the man in her life. Keep reading the post to know who is Jessie J’s boyfriend and about their relationship.

Know About Jessie J Boyfriend: Is She Still Dating Chanan Safir Colman

In May 2022, Jessie J confirmed that she is dating basketball player Chanan Safir Colman. The “Price Tag” singer said that she is “properly in love.”

Chanan is a professional basketball player in the Israel Basketball Premier League. He plays for the team Hapoel Haifa in Haifa, Israel. Chanan was born in Israel, but when he was young, his family moved to Denmark. In a 2017 interview with Sports Rabbi, he said, “Chanan Colman is a laid-back guy who was raised by a Jewish mother in Copenhagen, and that’s me.” He can be found on Instagram under the username @chanancolman. However, he hasn’t posted there since October 2022.

In March 2022, Colman went with Jessie on a work trip to Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the Caribbean. This was the first time the singer and the basketball player were linked. Jessie showed off pictures from the trip, including one of the whole group with Colman’s hand around her waist. Also, around the same time, they both posted photos of themselves posing next to a turtle while on vacation in the tropical regions.

Who Is Jessie J's Boyfriend? She Is Expecting Her First Child After A Miscarriage

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In April 2022, Jessie publicly confirmed her relationship with the athlete when the two were seen kissing during a lunch date in Los Angeles. The couple doesn’t talk about their relationship on social media, but the last time they were spotted shopping at the Melrose Trading Post in October 2022.

Despite not having made their relationship official on the red carpet, Jessie and Chanan appear to be going strong as of October, as evidenced by Jessie’s like on Chanan’s last Instagram post. There have been no confirmations of a breakup from the couple.

Jessie J Discussed About Her Miscarriage

Last August, Jessie was honest about the sadness she was still feeling nine months after her miscarriage in November 2021.

“When I was 16, I wrote a list of things I wanted to do by the time I was 30,” the singer said in a long caption. “The first thing on the list was to be a mom. Now that I’m almost 35, the grief of losing a baby, not being able to have one easily, and wanting my life to look totally different than it does right now just overwhelms me some days.”

Who Is Jessie J's Boyfriend? She Is Expecting Her First Child After A Miscarriage

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She kept going with her message, hoping that sharing her struggles would let other people know they were not alone. Jessie J wrote, “I know it’s healthy and normal to have days of complete sadness and to honor all the feelings that come up, good and bad.” “The bad doesn’t happen very often at all, and yes, I could go through this moment alone, as I usually do, but today I’m here. Because I know that thousands of people all over the world feel just like I do.”

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