Who Is Jill Zarin’s Boyfriend? Complete Relationship Update!

Jill Zarin is one of the busiest wives in Manhattan. She has a full social schedule, works to help people in need, and is involved in many new and growing business ventures. Jill’s passion for helping others comes from her own life. Both her daughter Allyson and stepson have been diagnosed with arthritic diseases, and Jill has made it her mission to raise money and raise awareness about how to live with and manage these diseases.

The Real Housewives of New York City OG Jill Zarin is back on reality TV after 10 years away from Bravo’s cameras. One of the biggest changes in Jill’s life since she left RHONY was in her love life.

Jill Zarin was previously married to her husband Bobby Zarin. In January 2018, he died at age 72 after a long fight with cancer, and the CEO of Jill Zarin Home started dating again and is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, but they are not married.

Who Is Jill Zarin's Boyfriend? Complete Relationship Update!

Here’s everything you need to know about Jill Zarin’s current boyfriend and their love life.

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Jill Zarin Is Currently In A Relationship With Gary Brody

Zarin is currently dating Gary, who is a big tennis fan, and according to his LinkedIn, he owns and runs a men’s clothing company called the Marcraft Apparel Group. He has this in common with Jill, who also works in fashion. She helps run Zarin Fabrics, which she and her late husband, Bobby, owned together.

Zarin and Brody haven’t been together for a very long time. They reportedly started dating in 2018. And when they first started dating, Zarin was going through a tough time.

Who Is Jill Zarin's Boyfriend? Complete Relationship Update!

Zarin and Brody started dating after Brody helped Zarin through this hard time. She said, “He’s been a great friend to talk to.” “He only wants good things for me and my daughter, Ally Shapiro.”

Jill Zarin surprised her fans last year when she hinted that she might marry her boyfriend, who she met after she lost her husband, Bobby Zarin. But in actuality, they are not married yet.

Jill Zarin And Gary Brody Were Criticized For Dating After Bobby’s Death

Back in 2018, when Jill and Gary started seeing each other many people started talking about Jill and Gary’s new relationship after they flew to London over the weekend for Wimbledon. Jill also left some flirty comments on Gary’s Instagram posts. Fans started to take notice, and many of them said mean things about Jill on her Instagram, criticizing her for moving on so quickly with another man.

“Wow. As a widow myself, I could never imagine dating or traveling overseas with another man less than six months after my husband died.

Jill Zarin And Gary Brody Were Criticized For Dating After Bobby's Death

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Jill decided to tell the truth about her relationship with Gary because she was getting so many hateful messages. People got a statement from the 54-year-old that said, “I usually don’t comment on tabloid stories, but I felt it was important to set the record straight and let you all know I haven’t been dating anyone for six months.” “After a lot of thought and help from my close friends and family, I just started going on a few dinner dates. I thought Bobby would want me to get back into life.”

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