Who Is John Harbaugh’s Wife? A Look Into His Personal Life

John William Harbaugh is an American football coach who is in charge of the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League. Before that, he was the defensive backs coach for the Philadelphia Eagles and the special team coach for the Eagles for nine years. At Super Bowl XLVII on February 3, 2013, in New Orleans, John and the Ravens beat his brother Jim and the 49ers by a score of 34–31.

Since his job started in 2008, Harbaugh has led the Ravens to 145 wins. This is the fourth-most win in the NFL during that time, and Harbaugh has passed Brian Billick as the coach with the most wins in Baltimore Ravens history. Harbaugh has been the head coach of the Ravens for thirteen years. 

The head coach of the Baltimore Ravens recently went viral after giving a rude, sarcastic interview to NBC reporter Melissa Stark during his team’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Super Wild Card Weekend at Paycor Stadium. People started looking for him and his loved ones out of the blue. If you’re curious about his private life, you can find out all the details right here.

Who Is John Harbaugh’s Wife?

Ingrid Harbaugh is John Harbaugh‘s wife. She was born on March 6, 1967, in Michigan, US. In 1985. They met at Western Michigan University, where John was working as a graduate assistant for his father, Jack.

Who Is John Harbaugh's Wife? A Look Into His Personal Life

At the time, Ingrid worked as a student assistant in the school’s baseball office. She met John when he walked across campus to fix a broken copier in her office. John said, “That’s how it all began.” “I knew from the start because I liked how deep her character and personality were. We were both young and still trying to figure out who we were and what we believed. I knew she was kind and caring.” John and Ingrid Harbaugh were together for a few years before they got married on July 12, 1991. At the moment, they live together in Reisterstown, Maryland.

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John Harbaugh’s Wife Ingrid Is A Big Supporter Of Her Husband

Ingrid is a big fan of her husband’s job, but she has said that it can sometimes be hard on the family. Ingrid once said that being married to an NFL coach would be best described by the word “stressful.” “It’s a lot of stress for like the whole six-month season.”

Who Is John Harbaugh's Wife? A Look Into His Personal Life

But over the years they’ve spent together, they’ve built a strong friendship. Before each Ravens home game, they have a ritual they do to show each other they’re ready. “Before every game, we always give each other a sign… “He blows me a kiss, and I blow one back,” Ingrid says. “This is funny, but we’ll lose if we don’t see it.”

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Know About John Harbaugh’s Daughter

John and Ingrid Harbaugh have one daughter together, Alison, who plays lacrosse at the University of Notre Dame. She is listed as a junior who is 5 feet 6 inches tall and who plays in attack. As a sophomore, Alison played in six games and had one goal and two assists. Alison is on Instagram as @alisonharbaugh, but her account is set to private. In 2013, Ingrid and Alison were part of a behind-the-scenes look at John’s family life.

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