Who Is Julio Urias’ Wife? Is He Married To Daisy Perez?

Julio César Urías Acosta is a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball. He was born on August 12, 1996. (MLB). In 2012, the Dodgers signed him, and in 2016, he made his debut in Major League Baseball.

Carlos Urías is the father of Urias. In his early teens, he was on the Mexico national youth team. At age 14, Uras met Mike Brito, a scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Brito had previously scouted Fernando Valenzuela.

In June 2012, the Dodgers found 15-year-old Urías at a showcase in Oaxaca. This was on the same scouting trip to Mexico where they signed Yasiel Puig. On August 12, his 16th birthday, the Dodgers signed him. The Dodgers paid a $450,000 signing bonus, most of which went to the Diablos Rojos del México of the Mexican League.

As Julias is doing well in Dodgers, people are more interested in his personal life. So, read the article to learn more.

Who Is Julio Urias’ Wife?

Julio Urias is currently dating Daisy Perez. There is no mention of him being married to her or how long their relationship has been going on. Daisy must be a loving and caring partner who takes care of him. Daisy may have even been at the stadium to watch and cheer for Julio while he played baseball.

Who Is Julio Urias' Wife? Is He Married To Daisy Perez?

Perez seems happy to have found Julio as her love, and there are no rumors in the news about them breaking up because they seem to be happy together.

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The pitcher hasn’t said much about his partner yet because he prefers to keep personal information to himself rather than share it with the public.

Know About Julio Urias Girlfriend’s Instagram

Daisy Perez, who is the girlfriend of Julia Urias, can be found on Instagram under the handle “babydaze_.” There, she can be contacted through her personal account. She has a total of 2628 people who follow her there.

Who Is Julio Urias' Wife? Is He Married To Daisy Perez?

Julio Urias, on the other hand, is present as @juliouriastheteenager07. He has an incredible 37,8K followers. In his bio, he said, “Julio Urias | Athlete | Official Page JULIO URÍAS #theteenager07 | World champs 2020🏆⚾️ | Pitcher @dodgers 07 | #culiacan #sinaloa #mexico.”

Know About Julio Urias’ Domestic Violence Case

According to LA Times, In 2019, Julio Urias was arrested for domestic violence allegations. The arrest was made after the Los Angeles Police Department got a call about a fight in the parking lot of the Beverly Center at 8500 Beverly Blvd. Witnesses told police that they saw a man who was later identified as Urias push a woman, who then fell down.

The woman is Urias’ girlfriend, according to people who know about the situation.

Who Is Julio Urias' Wife? Is He Married To Daisy Perez?

One person confirmed that there is a surveillance video that is at the center of the investigation. Another person who was familiar with the evidence said that the alleged victim had no marks on her body. Both people asked to remain anonymous because they were not allowed to talk publicly about the arrest.

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Two law enforcement sources say that both Urias and the woman denied that the incident was anything more than a verbal argument.

The LA city attorney put off prosecution on the condition that Urias attends a hearing, doesn’t hurt anyone else, and finishes a 52-week counseling program for domestic violence in person.

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