Who Is Laura Mellado’s boyfriend: How Old Is He?

Laura Mellado is an American entrepreneur, YouTuber, and social media star. Her clothing store, Laura’s Boutique, and her family’s YouTube channel, LVE Family, are what most people know her for. The YouTuber is from Whitter, California, in the US.

On Instagram, she has amassed millions of followers and on YouTube, she has 675K subscribers. Her YouTube channel LVE Family is not only a family channel, but it also has fashion videos that promote Laura’s boutique. Her mother owns Laura’s Boutique, which started in 2012 as a family-run business in Whitter and specializes in selling new and used clothes.

When talking about her love life, she has a loving husband, the name is Victor Hallman. Being a wife, she is also a mom. In this post, we’ll explore the details of Laura and Victor’s relationship.

Laura Mellado And Victor Hallman’s Relationship: Dating Till Marriage

Laura and Victor finally met in person two weeks after Victor saw her Instagram post. While visiting Disneyland with her then-boyfriend, Laura happened to pass by Victor’s booth, where he worked. Soon after their initial meeting, Victor began making comments under Laura’s postings.

After Laura ended things with her ex, he made such insightful comments that she started dating him. In a video, Victor said, What I did, if you must know, was to constantly remind her with bug emojis. As I explained to her, “I will not stop bothering you until you go to Disneyland with me.”

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The pair spends their first year as a couple going to Disneyland every day. Thanks to Victor’s job, Laura was able to attain entry at no cost.

Both Victor’s proposal and Laura’s announcement of her pregnancy occurred at Disneyland. In his own words, Victor summed up the impact Disneyland had on their romance: “Honestly, I have a lot to thank towards Disneyland. The only reason I noticed you were because I was working there. I think you might not have been interested in me if I hadn’t taken you to Disneyland on every single date.

Who Is Laura Mellado's boyfriend: How Old Is He?

Then, Laura married her long-time boyfriend, Victor Hallman, and shares two children with Victor. As of 2022, they’ve been together for over eight years.

How Old Is Laura Mellado’s boyfriend, Victor Hallman

Victor was born on December 19, 1991, in Los Angeles, California. He is now 31 years old.

He has become a prominent figure in the world of social media. He started the LVE FAMILY channel and now has over 250,000 Instagram followers.

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Meet Laura Mellado’s Kids

Laura Mellado shares two kids with her husband, Victor. They have a boy named Elliott and a daughter named Allison.

Who Is Laura Mellado's boyfriend: How Old Is He?

On August 11, their son, Elliott turned 7 years old. Laura posted a birthday post for him on Instagram and captioned it, “My first bby is 7!💙😭 how does time fly .. Elliott my baby you are one of a kind💙 teee amooo!!!!!”

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